Guian New District Machang Town market supervision branch successfully persuaded to overdo the behavior of feasting

2022-07-31 0 By

Recently, Guian New Area machang town received a public report that villagers in neighboring towns in the area of the town restaurant “full moon wine”.After receiving the report, the horse field town marriage and bereavement regulation group joint market supervision branch and other units rushed to the scene of the banquet to persuade, successfully stopped the illegal behavior of handling the banquet.In order to let the masses further realize the seriousness of the illegal conduct of the banquet, the market supervision branch of the town of Horse farm 4 staff to the person in charge of the restaurant again publicized the “wind” work related policies, and the township 5 tables and above the banquet to do the wine process and provisions were explained in detail.In order to ensure the effect of persuasion, the person in charge of the restaurant on the spot issued a “rural collective dinner food safety notice”, signed a “rural collective dinner food safety commitment”, requiring its suspension of business rectification, and do a good job of food and beverage verification and record work, integrity management, civilized management, create a new social fashion.Since the implementation of the epidemic control work, the Market supervision branch of Machang Town has given full play to its active role and actively participated in the relevant “epidemic control” law enforcement actions organized by the whole town to ensure that the catering enterprises under its jurisdiction carry out orderly and legal catering activities, and resolutely remediate the old habits such as doing things with great dignity, burying people and keeping up with others.Actively create a good social atmosphere of clean air, ma Chang Town will continue to cooperate with relevant departments to increase the publicity of “treating the wind”, vigorously punish illegal catering, abandon old rules and bad habits, resolutely reverse the atmosphere of excessive catering, and promote the normalizing, sustainable and long-term work of treating the wind.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Judy editor Judy editor Wang Li Luo Chang