Gaoping city to the general grid full-time grid staff road maintenance business knowledge training

2022-07-31 0 By

On January 26, gaoping city general branch grid full-time grid members special training class opened, the city’s towns and villages (streets) political and legal members, comprehensive governance specialists, 128 full-time grid members participated in the business training.According to the arrangement of the training course, Chang Guangjun, full-time secretary of Gaoping Road Protection Office, gave a lecture on “how to carry out road protection joint prevention work by full-time grid staff” for all participants.Chang Guangjun from jurisdiction railway safety situation, relevant laws and regulations, the grid member road job tasks are three aspects for students to popularize the basic common sense, railway road work to full time grid member road work tasks are made clear, and the Beijing Olympics, and “two” is winter paralympics jurisdiction railway security are emphasized.Through the training, the grassroots grid staff further understand the importance of railway road protection joint prevention work, understand and master the basic content, requirements and methods of road protection work, so that all grid staff can carry out railway road protection work more effectively, to ensure the safety of railway transport under the municipal administration.The wechat public account of Jincheng Railway Road Protection Joint Prevention Center focuses on the hot spots of road protection, issues authoritative information to guide the work practice, and shows the team’s style