Feng Lin, the “new face” of the Spring Festival Gala, is once again popular. She has a double degree and is a postgraduate student of Fudan University

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For fresh graduates, near graduation internship reports and papers are the most headache, the thought of these two more difficult to chew the bone, the last winter vacation have not practical.After graduation, whether you choose employment or continue to take postgraduate entrance examination, you must ensure that the thesis before graduation is successfully passed.Although the country is undertaking expanding recruit ceaselessly, but for the undergraduate student of 985, 211 this kind of university, smooth graduation is still more difficult.In particular, some graduates who take double degrees in college will be faced with great pressure from both literary theories when they graduate.You know, a lot of people write a paper to collapse, let alone successfully complete two papers, absolutely can be called the existence of outstanding students.Spring Festival gala newcomer Feng Lin walked into everyone’s vision, she is not empty have beautiful vase, but have double degrees outstanding students, now more become Fudan University postgraduate students.The spring evening just ended with many new faces, such as host Ma Fanshu, and many people are familiar with the reciter Feng Lin.This is not the first time feng has stepped on such a big stage. Before that, she has served as a rector, appeared on local TV programs, volunteered for the Winter Olympics and carried the torch.Being able to stage on so many big stages, she is naturally very excellent. After all, these stages have high requirements for professionalism, especially the job of rector, which tests her professional skills.Feng Lin is a double-degree student of Zhongchuan. She has completed the two majors of journalism and broadcasting in university, and successfully passed the second test of fudan University.Feng Lin is known as the Spring Festival Gala appearance, we do not know is behind feng Lin is good enough.In addition to participating in a variety of activities in spare time, also served as a volunteer, host, performance, singing and dancing of the Winter Olympics is also proficient in everything, is recognized by everyone “outstanding students”.Feng Lin became an excellent student of Chinese traditional communication, because of her high requirements for herself in these “three aspects” : No matter in study or in other aspects, people tend to have high requirements for themselves. Only by maintaining self-discipline can they become better.Such is the case with Feng Lin. She took the initiative to pursue double degrees and set high requirements on herself. Her postgraduate study was even better than that of fudan University.In the future, students who can achieve excellent grades naturally have clear goals for learning since childhood, and can complete them without the supervision of parents and teachers.When children are young, they need to rely on adult supervision, but when they get to high school and college, they need to rely more on their own consciousness.If you find that your children are demanding of you, you will become a very good person in the future.Modest, studious and not proud: We have received a point of view since childhood, modesty will make people progress, Feng Lin always keeps a modest heart, will not be satisfied with a little achievement, will set her own goals for a longer term.After she became famous as a leader, she did not join the circle immediately, but chose to continue to pursue graduate studies, which shows that she is very independent.Want to ensure success, nature is not because of a success and stop, life can be found, many excellent students are excellent students since childhood, because they always maintain a modest heart.If your child has this, the odds are high that he or she will be a high-achieving student in the future.Not just a reading machine: we say that students with excellent academic performance are not only excellent in learning, but also have achievements in all aspects. If they just study well, they may be “machines” that can only read books, and students with excellent academic performance can achieve all-round development.Feng Lin is such, in addition to her grades are very good, in other aspects is also very hard, many times in large stage, in improving their professional ability at the same time, but also enrich their life after school.What should parents do to raise high-achieving students like Feng?Most families have a child, many parents are eager for their children to be successful, all their hopes are placed on the children, in fact, this will give children pressure.Feng is so good largely because her parents gave her more freedom. She said she did well in high school, but she was interested in broadcasting.Normal parents certainly do not want their students with excellent grades to become art students, but Feng Lin’s parents can respect her, which has now been able to stand in the Spring Festival Gala, the Winter Olympics stage Feng Lin.Parents can arrange some things according to children’s age and ability, but as children grow up, they also need to face difficulties and deal with problems alone.Parents should learn to timely let go, improve their ability to resist setbacks and blows in life, have their own ideas.Learn to solve by yourself, instead of just turning to your parents.Conclusion: Parents all hope that their children can be excellent, in addition to certain congenital conditions, acquired training and guidance is also very key.Parents pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s ability and habits, whether in study or life in the future, will be of great help.Today’s topic: Are you optimistic about the Spring Festival Gala newcomer Feng Lin?