A truck driver forgot to lock the door and his mobile phone was stolen. Hanyang police ran for 5 hours to help him recover it

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The original title: a truck driver forgot to lock the door phone stolen Hanyang civilian police to run 5 hours help them find of chaste tree hunan (hubei daily network) – (correspondent Yang Bing Eppinger s. sourcing by design) 14 PM on March 27, hanyang wuhan city public security bureau branch CuiWei street police station received a lorry drivers zheng master alarm, said on a cell phone stolen the car.Hanyang police quickly responded to the police, after nearly 5 hours of tracking, the stolen mobile phone was successfully recovered.It is understood that Master Zheng afternoon driving truck to Hanyang District Zhongjia Village Mindong International delivery, thinking of the delivery distance is relatively close, in and out of the time is short, then did not lock the car, came back but found in the co-driver charging mobile phone disappeared.Called, the policemen TongWenBei, auxiliary police Cao Wendi police quickly, after obtaining the entry-exit monitoring found that when the day 14 20 points, a man wearing a black cap slowly approached parked van, during the subconscious on masks, after sure no one around, again opened the door, “rest assured” quickly leave after stealing mobile phones.Video tracking along the road confirmed that the criminal appeared in a mobile phone shop on Wulong Road, Hanyang district, shortly after leaving in a hurry.At about 19 o ‘clock in the evening, the police quickly went to the mobile phone shop, the stolen mobile phone will be successfully recovered.At present, the case is being further handled.