A number of illegal buildings in Wolong district were demolished

2022-07-31 0 By

Live nanyang news (reporter Hao Chuncheng) February 16, the reporter learned from wolong District, the area meixi street joint district comprehensive law enforcement bureau more than 100 people, organized 8 law enforcement vehicles, 6 large equipment, on the square South Street and Xinhua City square around the street 326 stores along the extension of all demolition.There are 26 residential communities, 2 schools and 1 commercial complex around Plaza South Street and Xinhua City Square in Wolong District. The traffic flow is huge and congestion has become normal.In order to solve the travel safety of students and residents, break through the “blocking point”, the relevant departments of Wolong District recently demolished the illegal construction of the area.With the roar of machinery, rows of signboards and houses collapsed in the fog, clearing the “blocking points” and freeing up more than 2,700 square meters of “space”. Pavements became wider, people’s hearts became warmer, and residents’ sense of gain and happiness also improved.Learned, since 1050 special action to carry out, put down river “meixi river” street near CaWei as special operation priority and formed a “forced demolition in accordance with the” “the neo-treasure hill side to remove” “law enforcement to help dismantle” effective governance mode, such as action in the demolition has repeatedly organization for help, on the basis of encouragement to mobilize the masses to remove,Open the door to a new situation.Editor: Qi Jie First instance: Li Ping Final instance: Bai Banxue