The results will be available within 100 minutes at the soonest. Let’s see how the “magic catchers” in Qingpu district nearest to the Novel Coronavirus will “hammer out” the test samples

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Quick results in 100 minutes, routine results in 3 hours…In the novel Coronavirus race, there are such a group of people who work in a closed laboratory and rarely appear in the public eye. As the “magic catcher” in the laboratory, the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing team of Qingpu District CDC will find the “culprit” in the first time with precision.They are on call 24 hours a day, ready to respond, just to “get the final word” on the samples as quickly as possible.Zhang xiangmeng is part of the test team and has been in the “race” with the Novel Coronavirus for nearly two years.In the face of the virus, there are many unknowns. Entering the laboratory means close contact with the Novel Coronavirus. As a disease control tester, Zhang Xiangmeng resolutely rushed to the front line of detection., qingpu, he told the reporters, although recent without local outbreaks, but entry quarantine personnel sample, sample machine screening, needs to be done in a high-risk post staff samples and investigation of nucleic acid detection contact personnel contact and high screen, time is still a huge amount of testing samples, and all isolation points of environmental samples, a day for test group is average thousands of nucleic acid detection.”Sometimes we will receive temporary tasks late at night, so we have to rush to work as soon as possible. Every step should be connected in place. If one step is delayed, it will affect the time when the results are reported.”Zhang Xiangmeng said.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the detection team has been dealing with all kinds of emergencies every day, and tests can be carried out at any time. Night shifts are common, and the appearance of the CDC at 2 am has been deeply engraved in everyone’s mind.According to the principle of “not for the night”, and sent to the laboratory will be coronavirus emergency testing samples, laboratory through artificial add sample, nucleic acid extraction, fluorescence quantitative PCR assay to detect, process takes longer, then the registration entry, before and after the experiment on sorting report, check the tedious and meticulous work, such as during one cannot delay, 6 hours to complete a test cycle.Zhu Peifeng, member of the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing unit of the Qingpu CDC, told reporters: “After receiving notification, we usually make preparations in advance. We put on protective suits and wait in the laboratory for the sample delivery personnel. We start testing as soon as the samples arrive, and ensure that the quick test results can be obtained within 100 minutes and the results can be reported within three hours.”24 hours in a closed laboratory, testing machine ringing off the hook, enter the laboratory testing personnel need to wear a set of impenetrable three-level protective gear, long time maintain bow pose in front of the biological safety cabinet work, combined with laboratory under negative pressure, three-level protective equipment are equipped with a power supply system, heavy panels back on the waist,When the inspectors come out of the lab, they are often sweaty and backache.The journalist has learned that the Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test team has 14 testers in total, divided into seven teams on day and night shifts, conducting nucleic acid tests around the clock.Day and night are reversed, almost every day under intense work pressure “jet lag”.As the “catchers” of novel Coronavirus, all of us are building a barrier to containment with accurate and rapid nucleic acid test results.Despite the heavy task, they all stood at the front line of the fight against COVID-19 without complaint. In 2020, they were awarded the Advanced Collective of Shanghai in fighting against COVID-19.Qingpu district center for disease control and prevention will be coronavirus nucleic acid testing team leader qiu-fang xu is introduced: “in the outbreak of the two years, every team member to overcome difficulties, the test in the first place, always test task then go to work at home, no one said that I give up, all out to complete the task, let me special touched.”Author: Zhang Tianchi Correspondent: Li Shuangjiu Photo: Li Shuangjiu Editor: Zhu Wei Responsible editor: Rong Bing * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.