“Starlight chat ball” Yamaguchi lei fa VS Kumamoto crimson

2022-07-30 0 By

Home team Yamaguchi lei fa last season Japanese league b 15th, last season coach Nakazuka good hiro half took over, with the team promoted two successful relegation.On the new season the team made in the transfer or make a lot of action, but the basic belong to a relatively passive choice, the team as last season’s main several nongovernmental with his own, takai has retired and horse, sichuan steps such as well as many as seven players leave, covers the former three line, after the blow to the team or larger, while also made corresponding supplement,But it will take time to see if they can fit in quickly or make up for the departure of their predecessor.The visitors kumamoto scarlet is the champion of the league last season, c, b league team four years once again return to the days, the team at the beginning of the season transfer action is not large, last season’s basic preserved, especially like before and after the two core takahashi, trees and kanno really rev. Stay obviously still hope to be able to continue playing for the team to better results,The transfer of Winter window is only a few players in the third division of Japan to be poached as substitutes.Two teams in the past day b had several meetings, but also is four years ago, mountain ray method as a, b greaseball, keeping the home game against newly promoted obviously want to return home fans with a good start, although kumamoto on c league last season big kill, but also had a, b in experience, but after all league sent a grade,And after four years has changed, and Yamaguchi as Japan b veteran in experience and market image is obviously higher than the visiting team, but I think kumamoto crimson is not vulnerable!But the big unit to support the attitude is not the case, one block to support more like a give to pass a home-court advantage, and the more unit is to banish the attitude of the grid, afternoon should even failed to keep the support of the 1 block, I don’t think is reasonable, clearly home some questions on the pass,In which case the promotion team is often not strong enough because the squad depth is not enough for the whole year, but in terms of the opening game, I would like to believe that kumamoto will get a satisfactory score in the opening game after returning to Japan b!