Liu Xuebao: Fake textbook ‘hero’ for 18 years, sentenced to life in prison after scam exposed

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On the road of our Chinese Communist revolution, there are many people who sacrificed for the country and the people.In “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake,” which was released during this year s Lunar New Year holiday, seven companies of soldiers sacrificed their lives to blow up the Bridge and cut off the retreat of U.S. troops.Coincidentally, the story we are talking about today is also related to the bombing of the bridge. There is such a man, who for the so-called hero honor, hid a shocking murder secret for 18 years, at the cost of destroying other people’s families and reputation, he is Liu Xuebao, his bad behavior was exposed after shocked the whole country.Also let a person think of a sentence: not afraid of real bad people, afraid of false good people.Liu xuebao’s hypocrisy and deception made everyone very angry.The paper will never burn, and the truth has finally come to light.Liu Xuebao, the misplaced hero, was once a soldier in Gansu Yongdeng Team and a deputy squad leader of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army.He had been naturalized from the Kuomintang army, so people still treated him with some suspicion.But in one night happened a “fried bridge” event, according to Liu Xuebao’s oral, he walked behind the forest workers Li Shibai, but saw Li Shibai sneaky holding something, and then a careful look, it was a charge bag, Li Shibai actually want to fried bridge!So Liu Xuebao said he fought with Li Shibai, but this time the charge has been lit, Liu Xuebao can only use his hands to throw the charge out, to avoid the bridge was blown up.He was badly wounded in the struggle and lost one of his arms.And Liu Xuebao in the fight and injured after the beginning of a coma, and so he woke up after the first word is to ask: the bridge is not saved?This moved all the soldiers and leaders around.No one questioned his KMT identity any more, but all admired his selfless dedication.Meanwhile, on April 24, 1968, the People’s Liberation Army Daily published a long newsletter on the front page entitled “Only the Red Sun in my heart, All for Chairman MAO — Remember liu Xuebao, the hero soldier who defended the Proletariat’s Cultural Revolution”.On the same day, the newspaper published a commentator’s article titled “Never Forget class Struggle,” in which he mentioned liu’s heroism in fighting against hostile acts and sacrificing himself to protect the bridge at the risk of his own life.All of a sudden, Liu Xuebao’s scenery is infinite, everyone thinks Liu Xuebao is a great hero.Liu Xuebao was born in Sanyuan County, Shaanxi Province. After this incident, Liu Xuebao became very famous. Every family would tell the story of Liu Xuebao’s heroic protection of the bridge.His deeds were written into the textbook, published into a comic strip, above is a detailed description of how Liu Xuebao heroic fight with the enemy scene, for primary and secondary school students to learn and pay tribute.In people found Liu Xuebao and Li Shibai fight after the situation, Liu Xuebao an arm bloody, and Li Shibai head is broken, liu Xuebao later explained is to rob the charge injured Li Shibai.Li Shibai died of his injuries, becoming a dead man.Therefore, the case in those days is basically by liu Xuebao’s words.In Liu Xuebao’s words, he is the hero who only wants to protect the bridge and dares to fight and venture into danger.On January 10, 1968, Liu Xuebao was awarded the title of hero by lanzhou Military Region because of the “Li Shibai bombing bridge case”.Later, he also won first-class merit, was promoted to deputy instructor.Later, he was appointed as a member of the Lanzhou Military Region Party Committee and a delegate to the ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and was received by state leaders.Liu Xuebao’s life can be said to be rising steadily, went to the peak of life, Liu Xuebao is fame and fortune.The truth will come out At that time, some people thought something was wrong, but Liu Xuebao was in his heyday and the political environment of the country was also serious. Generally, without solid evidence, it was easy to be accused of slandering and blackening heroes.After this matter calm, Li Shibai in the forest farm workers began to rethink this matter, found that things are not so simple.1978, local forest farm worker to local county party committee’s letter appeal.Later, in September 1982, yongdeng County Party Committee and Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee arranged special personnel to re-investigate the case.Because the incident involved a wide range of people, and also involved military personnel.So in July 1983, the military and local authorities began working together to investigate the case.A leaky affair that muddled through at the time will not stand up to close scrutiny years later.As expected an investigation that year the truth surfaced.Because at that time as the workers of the forest, Li Shibai did not have any motive to blow up the bridge, is Liu Xuebao in order to take credit, li Shibai will be about the bridge, and with axes and bricks smashed Li Shibai’s head, its purpose is to kill Li Shibai, let him have no way to defend.Then in order to things more realistic and reasonable, but also in order to win sympathy, Liu Xuebao also false model of his own injuries, after waking up in the hospital also hypocritically began acting, is to deceive others to believe.The explosion was a fake explosion directed and staged by Liu Xuebao from beginning to end.Later in April 1984, Liu Xuebao was arrested in accordance with the law because of “intentional murder”, and Li Shibai’s 18 years of injustice was finally vindicted, his soul in heaven can finally rest in peace, and “bridge protection hero” Liu Xuebao was sentenced to life imprisonment.It is hard to imagine that as a Chinese, he would put other people’s lives at risk for the so-called vanity and profit.The cruelty of its methods, the nature of the bad really let a person astonish.Summary: Liu Xuebao’s selfishness and hypocrisy is what we should take warning of.Although there is no lack of good people in this world, we should always be on guard against bad people.It is ironic that a hero adored by people for 18 years turns out to be a “murderer”.The law enforcement and investigation departments at that time were also negligent and relied too much on liu xuebao’s testimony.After all, it’s easy to assume that Liu xuebao is a good guy and Li Shibai is a bad guy because of what he does and how realistic his acting is.I didn’t expect the end and the truth is a big reversal.