In a week, 295 new cases were confirmed in 17 places, and the opening of colleges and universities in many places was suspended

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From February 12 to 19, there were 295 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases in 17 locations across the country.Around mid to late February, colleges and universities start to back to school, but affected by the epidemic, guangxi, jiangsu, guangdong, liaoning, Inner Mongolia and so on for nearly a week in the local epidemic within the province of some universities published in 2022 and the start of the spring semester school arrangement, clear delay students back to school, the school after the first online, offline after teaching organization students by instalments time back to school, etc.On February 11, the Ministry of Education issued by the notice requires all localities departments of education and the comprehensive consideration of the current epidemic situation, prevention and control policy requirements and local the circumstance, the formulation and strictly implement the 2022 spring semester plan and epidemic prevention and control, timely issued the school and school epidemic prevention and control requirements, classified orderly, make teachers and students back to school.According to the People’s Daily Health App, there were 295 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases in 17 regions across China from Feb 12 to Feb 19.Twenty-one new cases were reported in Guangdong, 23 in Guangxi, eight in Yunnan, one in Zhejiang, 66 in Jiangsu, 78 in Inner Mongolia, one in Tianjin and 97 in Liaoning.Huludao in Liaoning province reported 96 new cases, while Hohhot in Inner Mongolia and Suzhou in Jiangsu province both reported more than 65.Affected by the epidemic, many local universities have postponed their plans to reopen.Colleges and universities in Guangxi, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities with new local cases have released relevant documents.Guangxi University issued a notice on The postponement of students’ return to school for the spring semester of 2022 on Feb 9, in which students postponed their return to school and switched from offline teaching to online teaching.The return of students at Guilin Campus of Guilin University of Technology has been postponed for one week. The students will return to campus in batches from February 26 and 27.Soochow University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology in Suzhou, East China’s Jiangsu province, issued a notice on February 14 asking students to postpone their return to school for the spring semester. All students are not allowed to return to school in advance.At the same time, the university strictly controls the campus, teachers, students and staff do not leave Suzhou unless necessary.Liaoning University of Finance and Trade in Huludao, Liaoning province, announced on Feb 16 that it would not be able to start the new semester on time and would start online classes on Feb 28.The next day, several dormitory buildings of the college were urgently requisitioned for centralized resettlement of isolated people.Shenzhen University issued a notice on February 18 that teachers and students will not return to campus.Online teaching will start from February 28.On the evening of February 18, Inner Mongolia University issued the latest information on epidemic prevention and control, suspending the return of all students, and starting online education on February 21.On the same day, Inner Mongolia Normal University also issued a postponement notice.