【 Full police combat training 】 make the best of spring

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Longnan Public Security Bureau on February 24, the Public security bureau of Longnan city to carry out actual combat training, all the civil auxiliary police gathered in the municipal square training.Liu Feng, commander of the special police detachment’s assault tactics and first class instructor, explained in detail the matters needing attention in the queue etiquette and taught the police actual combat skills to improve the ability of the auxiliary police to deal with actual combat.In order to further enhance the police’s actual combat skills, improve the actual combat level and the ability to deal with emergencies, kang County public Security Bureau organized the bureau, city pass police stations, special patrol police, traffic police to carry out training on first aid knowledge, emergency response, vehicle seizure and other subjects on February 24.During the training, emergency physicians of county hospital carefully prepared the teaching content, detailing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trauma rescue, the disposal of common accidents, and the professional rescue knowledge of emergent events.In order to better deal with the accident site, the training focused more on practical skills, and the professionals demonstrated how to perform quick hemostasis, wound dressing, unarmed CARDIopulmonary resuscitation, airway foreign body obstruction and other common first-aid skills.After the Spring Festival holiday, wudu District Public Security Bureau special patrol brigade launched the 2022 spring training activities.The battalion takes part in the training in batches, sections and squadrons, forming a good training atmosphere for each squadron to compete, learn, rush, help and surpass.The training activities targeted to carry out “attack prevention, collision prevention, explosion prevention” minimum combat unit on-site disposal special training.During the training, the instructors explained and demonstrated, and the participants had simulated experience and interactive communication.Li County public security spring day is not wasted, it is a good season for training soldiers.Li County public security continued to carry out the full force training spring training activities.In recent days, the overall department active action, enthusiasm, set off a training climax.The spring training activities are mainly divided into business skills training and combat special skills and other content.Li County public security to carry out operational skills combat training special training and law enforcement standards “lecture hall” training.In actual combat training, physical fitness, platoon, individual combat, police equipment use and other subjects as the focus of training, strengthen basic training, optimization of weak links.