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Shijiazhuang Baoxianghang Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. is a BMW and BMW M franchised dealer authorized by BMW Group in Hebei Province. Established in 2011, it is one of the leaders in hebei BMW automobile industry.BMW’s professional sales service benchmark integrating new car sales, after-sales service, spare parts supply, financial loan, insurance service, key customer business and second-hand car replacement.As one of the industry leaders with high recognition and inspiring power in Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang Baoxianghang always adheres to innovation and ecological sustainable development, adhering to the concept of customer as the center, meeting customer’s personalized needs, and constantly pursuing excellent customer service.Baoxianghang not only has a professional BMW technical team, but also has humanized work links and high-quality after-sales service.Over the past ten years, Baoxianghang has taken the corresponding corporate social responsibility from a forward-looking perspective, actively contributed to environmental protection, carried out a number of green energy activities, committed to climate protection, promoted the city’s green travel concept process of “less emissions, lower fuel consumption”, vigorously developed the electrification strategy, and took the road of sustainable development.Driven by industry 4.0, ensure that you can fully experience BMW’s innovative and rich products and thoughtful services, and enjoy the city life to the fullest.The success of the BMW Group has always been based on a vision of the future of mobility and ecological sustainability.Actively undertake corresponding corporate social responsibility, participate in social welfare undertakings, and promote social progress.Therefore, BMW group in the whole value chain to implement ecological and social sustainable development idea, through innovative technology for environmental protection, green production, insist on technological innovation, technological innovation and the development at the same time guarantee the vitality and competitiveness, constantly seeking breakthroughs, is committed to develop more efficient, safer and more intelligent, more environmentally friendly products.Shijiazhuang West second Ring Baoxiang LINE BMW, to give you more BMW service.Address: No. 189-8, South West Second Ring Road, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang