Construction bank a kind of card why limitation 5000

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This could be because a user’s account is logged in from a different phone, or because of business regulations or manual restrictions placed by the user.1. Class I bank card refers to a card that can be used freely without restrictions on transfer transactions and consumption.Users can withdraw and withdraw money as they like. Some cards have a limited amount, and there is a limit on daily or year-round transfers and transfers. These are called Type 2 cards.2. China Construction Bank (CCB) was established on October 1, 1954 with its head office located at No.25 Finance Street, Beijing. It is a large state-owned bank managed by the central government and a vice-ministerial unit of the State.The main business areas of CCB include corporate banking, personal banking and capital business. It has branches and subsidiaries in 29 countries and regions and has subsidiaries in fund, leasing, trust, life insurance, property insurance, investment banking, futures, pension and other industries.3. Extension Materials: Bank card refers to a credit payment tool with all or part of the functions of consumer credit, transfer settlement, cash withdrawal and other functions issued to the society by commercial banks upon approval.Bank cards reduce the circulation of cash and checks, making banking business break through the limitation of time and space, and have a fundamental change. The application of automatic bank card settlement system makes the dream of “no checks, no cash society” come true.