Blizzard has officially announced the release date of World of Warcraft 9.2: February 22nd

2022-07-30 0 By

Blizzard finally announced the release date of version 9.2 on February 11th, February 22nd!The 9.2 PTR has been open for a long time and testing is now complete.This is the last major patch for the 9.0 era Shadow Nation expansion, and includes a massive content update.9.2 “Eternity’s End” will open up a new area called Zereth Mortis, a new mission headquarters called Sepulcher of the First Ones, a new world BOSS, and a new storyline.The Tomb of the Nativity contains a total of 11 bosses, anduin in the eighth, the end of the dungeon is guarded by the warden.More importantly, of course, world of Warcraft will usher in revolutionary changes that will end years of animosity between alliances and clans.Due to the subsequent patch 9.2.5, it was possible to team up with allied horde players.Shadow Realms is a major low point for World of Warcraft. The nearly two-decade-old MMO is in the fall of its life. The opening of phase P3 of nostalgia will bring a short-term boom, but will 9.2 reverse the decline of the official server?Let’s wait and see.