Big master: three people to the wood god courtyard, encounter test Lei Hai clean body, heir identity into a stumbling block

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Hello everyone, welcome to Yourou Talk animation.Word 523 of the Master comic has been updated.Three people with the gathering of the spirit of the bowl will be all the supreme spirit of the liquid away, left the Tibetan spiritual courtyard.But as soon as I came out, I was surrounded by a lot of teams, about 100 people, because of the evil of the House alliance, they released the news that the dust had ten thousand drops of the Supreme spiritual fluid in their hands. Many greedy people joined together and wanted to share the supreme spiritual fluid.To deal with these insatiable, but no strength of the people, the three took the most violent way, strong hand, will suppress, shock and awe!But the dust, glass, Wen Qingxuan three people flying in the air and standing behind a huge wooden god guard, that kind of impact, let the people below can not resist the idea.Pastoral dust sen cold voice spread far and wide, one hundred people actually all abluent, not only mention pastoral dust, and Wen Qingxuan this spirit difficult master, plus a glass, who dare to come up ah?Grazing dust voice again, the house of Representatives that help rats, this inferior means is too low, next time on their own.Then the three of them walked away, and this time, no one dared to stop them.Finally those teams can only faint sigh, powerless to disperse.And behind a hidden grass, cuttlefish and his people carefully hide in the inside, looking at the whole body and back of the dust, etc., the face is more and more green, finally can only ruthlessly stomp feet, put malicious words, but dare not go out.Wen Qingxuan asked where the next grazing dust, after two times of cooperation with the grazing dust make pot full of pot full, she led their actions to the grazing dust no longer have objections.The dust meditated for a while, must now be the vast majority of possession of the baby’s place have been searched clean, then directly to the most important place of the wood temple, wood god courtyard.All the men of power are already there, and this battle for the treasure will be even more exciting than the last two.But Wen Qingxuan war meaning big sheng, the proud girl as proud as the phoenix, no one can let her bow.When the three arrived near the Wooden God courtyard, they just saw the huge temple standing on the top of the mountain, and the powerful wave swept out from the inside, making the whole mountain shaking.Not only they, but many other groups had already arrived at the foot of the hill, and eager eyes were focused on the ancient hall, where the wooden temple was the most important place.At the sound of a long bell, the great halo that hung over Mu Shen Mountain was much fainter, and a loud “Go!”This set off the atmosphere of the place, thousands of people rose from the ground, into a stream of light toward the mountain.Grazing dust decisively waved the same swept out, Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and others followed.They all rushed toward the mountain, only now the halo was in full bloom, and streams of green light fell like torrential rain, knocking down the shadows that had fallen upon them.Many people were swept by the light, such as a heavy blow, blood spray to Phil thick, dust drink a low sound, black lightning like a brontosaurus turning over, burst out, countless lightning flow outside, just like a thor descending the world, just fierce abnormal.Against the green light rushed up, speed.About (up to 18 words Wen Qingxuan also have a way, bright gold covering jiao body, jade hand grip war gun, a loud and clear Fengming River ring, gun shadow draw out, and the light hard shake.Glass tiptoe gently, jade hand luo God sword calm cut out, two female moment split countless green light, catch up with the most front of the dust, in addition to three strong break, there are a few people also by virtue of their own inside force to break guard.After the dust they successfully climb, scan a circle, blood days, Wang Zhong, cuttlefish, and the wu Yingying are successful summit.In the first round of defense at the Wood God Courtyard, nearly 80% of the people were wiped out.But as they climbed to the top, the halo around the hall flared up again, and the sound of thunder exploded from far to near.Deep blue light is a blue sea of clouds, occupy the void thousands of miles, the deep sea of clouds restless, crazy rolling, deep blue lightning across the sky, this is the Shenmu Gang thunder.This thunderbolt can only be born in a place of extreme wood abundance, but it is extremely fierce, like a maggot on the tarsal bone, and extremely difficult to deal with.The dust after listening to the interpretation of Glass, and then look at the other team that ugly face, gently sigh, this wood god courtyard, not into ah.An ancient empty and no feelings of the voice sounded, said that people want to enter the wood god courtyard, must be in the Thunder Sea pure body wick incense time, let a lot of people exclaim, so abnormal test, it is to kill ah.And the more let the dust mad still in the back, who obtained the identity of the heir, the delay 10 times!This let the dust face brush black down, bullshit heir identity, want to play dead him?Before the herd dust because of the identity of the heir, in the Tibetan spiritual courtyard more convenient, call the wind and rain, what to have what, but now to be forced to undergo assessment, it is a win and lose.