A woman in Henan province went to her aunt’s home for a New Year visit

2022-07-30 0 By

When it comes to taboos, I believe many people are familiar with them. Different places have different taboos, especially various festivals pay more attention to this aspect. Especially, the older generation attaches great importance to such taboos.Provoking such things happened recently in henan zhoukou city scene, a net friend online drying out my aunt go home New Year a video, originally is a very normal festival one thing, but strange strange in the woman did not in aunt’s house, but stay in aunt home car, whether such a move is why?Old woman is go to the aunt home New Year with my family, the family with gifts to the aunt home, waiting for the bus stop to the door of the aunt, congratulations everybody all got out to the door, only woman but not out of the car but sitting in the car, a start to eat until aunt, aunt was lifted to the door, the whole table can only as a convenience to the woman sitting in the car food to eat.The woman said she could not go into her aunt’s house because she was in the middle of a small month, but she could only come to her aunt’s house for dinner because of her warm invitation.As for the taboo, many netizens hold different views: “Many places are taboo on this. It’s better not to go out during the Spring Festival. After all, the weather is cold, and it’s not good for women in confinement.”Why can’t I go to someone else’s house when I’m in confinement?We don’t have such customs here, and although there are many rules, we’ve never been too pregnant to enter someone else’s house.””In fact, there are different customs in different places. Many people don’t understand it because they haven’t heard of it before. But since the other party has this custom, we just need to understand and cooperate.What do you think of the customs in this respect?