Your chance comes when 90% of the people around you are in debt!

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There were a lot of people in debt in the past two years, and the situation was very complicated.Some people may be in debt because of the loan to buy a house, which is long-term and stable debt, and it is also the largest group of people in debt.Others are in debt because their business failed.A few days ago, I saw a video about a little girl who failed in her business and ended up penniless, even without money to rent a house. Then she made a quilt and slept under a bridge.There is a kind of possible because there are other changes in the home, resulting in their debt.Like when someone in the family gets sick or has an accident.He had to go into debt to save him.There is also a kind of college students in the school of all kinds of competition, resulting in their own bad consumption habits, and finally can not stand the hand, and then began to borrow on a variety of online loan platforms, resulting in more and more debt, and finally trapped in it, difficult to extricate themselves.There are also those who work outside, who have no stable job and no sense of saving. They consume freely and basically stay at the stage of subsistence.This group has a lot of tens of thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in debt, too common.And all of these debtors come up with a bunch of excuses: business is getting tough, my physical store is losing money, and I’m going into debt to survive.My net shop sales has been bad, every time brush through to buy traffic, sales can not be promoted, the results accompany more and more, but also lead to my debt.Another said, no matter what I do, I can’t earn money, only a few thousand yuan a month, I spend it all before I get it, I don’t know how to spend it, but I feel I can’t earn money, money is hard to earn.Others say the climate is bad, the economy is bad, so I can’t make money and I’m in debt.You see all the excuses, reasons, are external causes, very few people take the initiative to find internal causes.The law of the world is always changing between being and nothingness, so what to do at this time?How do you change this liability state?First, if 90% of the people around you are in debt, there is something wrong with your community.So the first step must be to change circles, because circles determine destiny?Only the circle can break out of its own cognitive limitations.What is a circle?Circle is value, circle is energy.To put it bluntly, circles are soil.Personal achievements, personal results are given to others by the circle, so it is called soil born gold.This is my “five elements of energy to make money system” column talked about.Let’s take a very simple example. Let’s say there are four people in a dormitory in college.After graduation, one of them stayed in the county, one went to the city, one went to the province and the other stayed in Beijing.Will their results be the same 10 years from now?Not the same.Because 4 people choose different soil and different circles on the same starting line, their results are very different.So if 90% of the people in your community are in debt, get out of that community.Be sure to join the circle of people without debt, absorb a little more energy, absorb a little more sunshine in the circle of positive energy, and wash away the Yin qi, black qi and mildew on your body.So the only way to change the status quo is to get out of the circle, starting with breaking out of the circle.You think about a debt circle, all day long is all kinds of complaints, all kinds of negative energy, all kinds of Yin, all kinds of black, everyone wants to eat a bite, every person wants to take his money over, repay your debt, even a lot of Spring Festival dare not go home, hiding.Their living space is becoming narrower and narrower, and their options are becoming smaller and smaller.May I ask what will happen if you muddle along in such circles?Therefore, if you want to escape from the sea of suffering and turn over to shore, you must first break through the circle and constantly improve your circle of friends.Being in different circles, doing different things.The last thing I want to say is that there are people in debt that you just can’t deal with right now, because that debt is supposed to remind you that it’s time to work on it, that it’s time to move on.It’s time for you to stand up for yourself and the people around you.So sometimes being in debt isn’t always a bad thing.Use it. He can make you.Don’t use it right. He can destroy you.Are you in debt?Let’s discuss it in the comments section.