The xi ‘an Railway is scheduled to open in 2025 and travel time between Yan ‘an and Xi ‘an will be shortened to one hour

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The construction of xian-Yan High-speed railway has attracted public attention. The reporter learned from a series of press conferences in Yan ‘an that the xian-Yan high-speed railway is scheduled to be put into operation on October 31, 2025.Xi ‘an to Yan ‘an High-speed Railway is located in guanzhong and northern Shaanxi region of Shaanxi Province. It is an important part of the national high-speed railway network “eight vertical and eight horizontal” Baohai Corridor, and a part of the “meter” shaped high-speed railway network running through Shaanxi Province. The design speed is 350 km/h.After completion, the travel time between Yan ‘an and Xi ‘an will be shortened to one hour, which is of great significance for Yan ‘an to build a regional comprehensive transportation hub city, expand foreign cooperation and exchanges, promote the optimization of industrial structure, and promote high-quality economic development.According to reports, xi ‘an High-speed railway line from Xi ‘an East Railway Station, north through Xi ‘an city, Weinan City, Tongchuan City, Yan ‘an city (a total of 4 cities and 19 counties), the introduction of the existing Yan ‘an station, the full length of the main line of 299.778km, construction period of four and a half years, is scheduled to open on October 31, 2025.The high-speed railway passes yanan huangling County, Luochuan county, Fuxian county, Ganquan county, baota district five districts and set up stations respectively.On January 9, 2020, the construction of the new Yan ‘an Tunnel, a control project, was started, and the annual investment of the Xian-Yan High-speed railway project was 900 million yuan.In May 2021, the construction of 5 counties and 7 bidding sections in Yan ‘an began, with an investment of 2.219 billion yuan.It is expected to invest 4 billion yuan in 2022, and the overall project is progressing smoothly.In the next step, we will do a good job in all aspects of services and guarantee for high-speed railway construction, and strive to push the project to be completed and put into operation as soon as possible, so as to benefit the masses.Yan ‘an Rong Media Center