Six money-making documentaries worth watching can help you eat and raise your awareness of financial intelligence

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Tonight, watching the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games with my family, I had to sigh at the greatness of the motherland, looking at the beautiful and romantic, solemn and upward opening, I couldn’t help but be proud of it.Unconsciously think of Buffett once said: buy index fund is to buy national luck.So looking at the vigorous and upward development of the motherland, how can you not believe in the power of belief?Let us together to the future, fleeting smile throw, the future is predictable.Today I will not popularize financial knowledge with you, relax, holiday balance is almost insufficient, recommend several documentaries to improve financial quotient.Why do we always want to buy things and never manage our money?In fact, from manufacturers to businesses, there are several hands behind the invisible push us into the “consumption trap”, so that the world eventually becomes unrestrained consumption.Perhaps you can find answers to the following questions in this documentary: ① Who makes the world consume without control?② How to make money?③ How to entice customers to buy your products?Become Warren Buffett (8.7 points on Douban)Buffett’s secret to building his fortune, the billionaire’s way of thinking over decades of sound investing.From a person’s daily behavior to habits of thought, we can see his attitude towards career and money, which can help us to shape a healthy concept of money.Making money is important, but so is living!It makes you really think about what really matters in life when money no longer means anything.While no one can replicate Buffett’s experience, you can be inspired by his story and get a sense of how the billionaire thinks. Maybe some of his ideas will give you a clue.Watch the battle of wits and courage between several tycoons in the United States, in oil, rail, steel, shipping, automobile and finance, how to wrest and expand business territory, to create their own wealth kingdom.Several of the most influential business tycoons in modern American history learned from the growth of their business empires how to compete and cooperate, how to balance and thrive together.The documentary is fascinating and exciting, and learning how business elites make money may give us some new insights on how to manage our money.Taking the story as the carrier and the development course of the world economy over the past four hundred years as the background, the author analyzes the role and status of capital in the market economy from the current perspective.This documentary covers major events in the world of capital, including stocks, bonds and gold. It can quickly open up your view of financial affairs and increase the perspective of personal wealth.A billionaire went anonymously to a strange city and started from scratch. With only $100 on his back, he created a company worth $1 million in three months.He rose from rags to the top of a multimillion-dollar company not by luck, but by great leadership, observation, execution and discerning decision-making.To see how the rich turn over at the bottom, perhaps from him can open their own way of thinking about making money, improve their executive power and decision-making ability.Realize that despite all this knowledge, you could still fail in life, most likely because of your poor execution and decision-making skills.We should learn how to make money, and learn how to manage our finances properly. Only in this way can we make more money.The money you have is not your asset, but your liability, so it’s really important to get it right.This documentary features financial experts to help you understand how important it is to have a budget and that money will always be there if you want to.With a professional financial plan tailored to each person’s financial situation, and some tips on how to save money, it may finally be time for people to take better care of their money.If you don’t have much time to read, I suggest you check out these time-honored documentaries on how to build the right financial awareness and how to improve your financial intelligence system.Isn’t it beautiful to use your leisure time to become interesting and informative while unconsciously changing your way of thinking, cognition and pattern?Finally, I wish you all a full and prosperous 2022