Light Orange Times completed pre-A round of financing, and the first mass-production model will be launched in 2022

2022-07-29 0 By

Recently, according to media reports, intelligent new energy travel brand Light Orange Times announced that it overfulfilled the pre-A round of financing.Light Orange times to the media said: “this round of financing exceeded expectations, the round of financing by China Merchants Venture Capital lead investment, Yigao Capital, Guiyang Production control Group, Hao Jun Investment, Wenlo Capital, glacier network with investment, seed shareholders Dry Holdings, capital continued to invest.”The funds raised will be used for VC, the first model independently developed by the company, to achieve mass production in 2022, as well as research and development of core technologies related to intelligence and customization.Founded in June 2021, Light Orange Times is positioned as an intelligent new energy travel brand. The company has the design, development, sales and operation capabilities of the whole chain, including vehicle research and development, styling design, three-power system, automatic driving, intelligent network connection and ecological operation.In terms of team, its founder, Bian Biao, graduated from Tsinghua University, served as the stock sponsor representative of Dongxing Securities, and participated in key projects such as the IPO of Agricultural Bank of China, THE IPO of Xinhua Life Insurance, and the major asset restructuring of the merger of Guodu Securities.Mou Lu, the CEO of Tencent Tianmei Game Studio, once served as the chief creator. Later, she entered the Internet of vehicles industry and founded Xiao Ma Lixing, accumulating technical solutions and implementation experience of automobile intelligent Internet connection.Tong Xiaoyu, the chief scientist, served as vice president of China Unicom Research Institute, leading and participating in the research of 5G, V2X and other business frameworks.In 2021 Guangzhou auto show, light orange times officially launched the first technology platform EEZI STEP1.0, and appeared based on this platform to build the first intelligent electric vehicle — VC.Products under EEZI STEP1.0 platform will adopt cage body structure, flexible chassis and battery pack design, and cover multiple levels of pure electric model expansion.The important product features of the first car VC include: super fast charging of 200km in 8 minutes, enhanced anti-attenuation capability of winter endurance, featured central armrest components, gamepad steering wheel, vehicle components that can be customized at will and other highlights.The new car may also use electricity replacement energy technology.Summary: With the increasing acceptance of new energy electric vehicles in China, China’s electric vehicle market in 2021 will frequently welcome new players and win the favor of capital, such as Xiaomi Lei Jun, Jidu Li Yanhong, Niu Founder Li Yinan, etc. Light Orange Times is also an intelligent travel company born under this background.