How does merchant go to sea establish private domain flow?Not one of the four steps is missing

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Overseas merchants are faced with multiple challenges in different environments.In order to obtain more efficient income and stable operation, it is very important to establish private domain traffic pool.The flow of private domain can help overseas merchants to have more say in operation, so as to resist some uncontrollable risks.It can also help overseas businesses to better grasp the real situation of operation and play the real role of flow.However, many business operators are not familiar with how to set up private domain traffic pool.AllValue is here to help you check out the four steps.Step 1: Determine the platform for private traffic.In the establishment of private domain flow pool, we should first establish a media carrying the flow, so as to help overseas businesses, get more flow, and achieve drainage, expand customers, transformation.The platform of private domain traffic includes community, small program, APP, all kinds of social software and so on. Merchants can make a reasonable choice according to their own business situation and audience groups.Step 2: Customize the long-term marketing plan.If you want to get long-term stable flow, you need to customize the long-term marketing plan for the enterprise.Through a variety of content output, such as social marketing characteristics of communication, topics, discussion content, etc.To meet the concerns of the audience, in a more diversified form, to obtain the continuous attention of potential customers, to achieve drainage, expand customers, transformation.Step 3: Improve the product form.Of course, the most fundamental core of the extension guest also lies in the products of merchants.To construct the perfect form of products is the key to help merchants to emphasize the role of flow and achieve maximum transformation.The setting of product form should be constantly enriched in terms of price, form and positioning, so as to effectively meet the actual needs of consumers.Step 4: Create a private domain label.After drainage, the business needs to establish a good interactive relationship with users, so as to really revitalize resources and avoid the “dead flow” situation.Businesses can be divided into groups according to the actual situation and set up professional personnel to carry out routine maintenance.Through setting up labels, relevant content is pushed to drainage users.Creating a private domain traffic pool is a very professional and system-wide operation.Overseas businesses can cooperate with professional service providers, such as AllValue, a brand recognized by all circles.AllValue can help merchants to accurately reach overseas consumer groups, and quickly connect with popular social platforms, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tiktok and other mainstream traffic platforms, to get through social media connection and open social fission marketing.AllValue can customize a full set of marketing plans for overseas merchants according to their overall operation, and carry out different marketing strategies according to different stages.At the same time, it can provide a large number of online celebrity resources and community resources, and charge according to CPS mode. On the basis of reducing the operating cost of overseas merchants, it can help merchants to quickly start overseas operation system and achieve social omni-channel customer acquisition.In terms of advertising, AllValue has more powerful resource integration ability.Experienced advertising pitching team, can help overseas merchants, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and other account opening and advertising business, from SEM, SNS advertising optimization, KOL\KOC development, fan page content operation and other all-round help overseas merchants to achieve private domain traffic marketing.Create higher economic value.