How did the romance novel “Love Game (posted)” stand out so far?

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That year, I worked in a garment factory in Huiyang.In a garment factory, where there are many women and few men, men are like flowers on green leaves, few and delicate.He Chong is one of the most colorful, is the idol in the hearts of many girls.Working life is monotonous and boring.On nights when there was no overtime work, the sisters had to sit in the dormitory and sigh bitterly.As the factory is far away from the city, we have little spare time.When all tricks have been played, no one can think of a more amusing way to relieve boredom.One day, small mei despondent said: “Alas!How sweet it would have been if he had rushed after me!”As soon as the words fell, several soft pillows flew to her at the same time.The most beautiful xiaoling said: “If you want to chase after me, it is also your turn!”And then another soft blow.In all these boring jokes, I suddenly thought of a funny method.I slowly of say: “who say must he blunt to chase after?Can’t we go after him?””Ah -” public a burst of exclaim, at ordinary times si Wen wen of I how to become so trendy?!In the surprise of the crowd, I smiled and said: “Isn’t it?The law says girls can’t chase boys.”Eldest sister’s head Yingying said, “That’s true, but how shameful it is for a girl to chase after a boy!”I said, “If you like him, if you want to save face, you can only look at him as someone else’s ah.””So –” they all said together.Xiaoling said: “HOW about this? Let’s arrest the door. the one who captures the heart of prince Charming will make his hand.””Good –” we said at the same moment.The head of the elder sister is making, and I am comfortably propped against my pillow. This girl has never had any luck, and such good things will not happen to me.”All right, come on.”The elder sister dumped some doorman on the table and we each grabbed one.Unwrapping one, my eyes almost couldn’t believe it, knead, knead, no?Good conscience, I haven’t done anything bad lately. How could God treat me like this?!In the palm of my hand, two big “winning” pencil characters are smiling at me.”Are you?All eyes flashed on me.I hurriedly waved a hand: “this time not calculate, come again.”A unanimous “No!”Put me in a terrible place.I stammered: “you, you can’t be serious?”Yingying smiled with malice: “Don’t forget, it’s your idea.”Oh my God, oh my god, this time a thief has made it home!This night, in the unanimous vote of all sisters, my “glorious” turn for “people’s representative”.On behalf of the whole dormitory sisters to go after the popular, lofty, arrogant prince Charming.That night the sisters took turns, tired and bombarded, telling me what to do in person.Before going to work the next day, He Chong prepares in front of his machine.I took four pairs of eyes behind me to smile to grind gu walked to he Chong in front — yesterday, I in the people under the instruction, to make an earth-shaking, shocking move today.My steps forward, but my heart in retreat, but, but, I have no retreat!I don’t want to be laughed at by my sisters for being timid and daring.I took a deep breath and strode to He Chong: “He Chong, I want to chase you!”I said it in one breath and stood there with a red face, like a child who has made a mistake.Workshop a burst of silence, he Chong holding the air gun hand stopped in the air, air gun “pop” fell on the table.His response was even dumber than mine: “Chase me?Why-why??”Why is that?I of course can’t say this is a game, have to pretend to be affectionate money of say: “of course is like you!””Wow -“, a burst of boiling in the workshop, in this moment, I accidentally saw he chong’s eyes flash a light, I almost satisfied.However, the next second, he Chong’s words let me fall into the deep valley, face lost: “but I don’t like you!”I feel like I’m not breathing, even though I know this is just a game, but the taste of being rejected is really really bad!What are you doing, He Chong?Even if you really don’t like it, do you need to be so direct?I threw myself on the bed, my teeth grinding with rage.This cocky guy, I’m gonna skin him!A few see the play of the guy embrace come in, babble: “this he chong, also too proud, too hurt self-esteem!””Don’t be sad, Xuting, it’s not your fault you’re ugly!””Come on, don’t talk like that. Can’t you see That Xuting is angry?”Wayan finally said something personal.”Shall we not play?”Whispered Little Mei.I sat up at the bullet. “Who said no more?I don’t know why I can’t do it.!”In the wrong of the people, I strode out.Since I “love confession” to He Chong, since he Chong said that he did not like me, I became the laughingstock of the whole factory, wherever I go, there are people behind the point, taunt.I was so angry that I wanted to beat the gossips to death, but thought I was such a gentle little woman that I demean myself, so I let them go.On the contrary, I think this is also good, can also give me a chance to get close to He Chong ah.I began to frequently appear in he Chong’s side, caring, in he Chong’s icy expression, I forced myself to swallow the smile into my stomach.I am an indomitable person, encounter setbacks, will only let me more and more brave.At this time, there was a girl in the factory who seemed to like He Chong, and he Chong seemed to be good to her.I say: “He Chong, I accompany you to see Titanic, ok?”He stared coldly and spat out two words: “childish!”;Like said: “He Chong, accompany me to see Titanic?”He smiled. “With pleasure!”I yelled, “No, it’s a threesome!”The two idiots made a faint and walked away helplessly, and I was smirking in the back.In fact, I am not without conscience, I secretly observe the girl like he Chong’s temperament, think he chong is really wronged him, so I firmly oppose.However, people say that two people like each other, you this “third party” how can interfere?Boo hoo, I’m the third party!But they’re not married yet, so how can I get in the way?Plus, my game can help them test each other.One day, I overheard He Chong saying to xiao Pang, “She always asks me to buy something for her. I’m not a bank and always have money to withdraw. I don’t even have a decent shirt myself.”Hey, hey, here’s your chance.I ran to the shopping mall and bought the shirt of the brand he chong often wears and delivered it to his dormitory. “He Chong, I saw your shirt was torn. I bought you a new one.”I smiled.He chong leng for a while, in his leng, I have left him, in the distance wu belly laugh.I lost a little money, but I think it was worth it.The next day, He Chong found me and calmly said, “Xuting, thank you for your kindness.But……”I motioned him to stop. “It is my right to like you, and it is my intention to give you the shirt. You can throw it away, but you must not be ungrateful.”I got a tongue twister.”You –” He chong did not speak again, but thoughtfully looked at me, turned around and walked away.In fact, men are very easily moved animals, they like to pet the woman they like, but occasionally by a woman’s pet is more unforgettable.He Chong is no longer cold to me, just like I was jealous.One time, I returned her clothes to her car, and told her to be careful in the future.She pointed at the dress and said, “What a mess! It’s worth my trouble!”I calmly said: “What people make what clothes, you understand?”She exclaimed, “What do you mean?””It doesn’t mean anything, it just means you do it well.”I said faintly.There was a great deal of insolence.I walked back and saw He Chong watching quietly in the distance.I smiled at him and walked back to work.In fact, in more and more contact, I found that He Chong is not as free and easy as his appearance.He was sentimental, industrious and simple, a down-to-earth man.And in this game, I gradually feel that I fell into a maze, can not get out.I’ve decided I’m not playing this game. I’m getting out of it.”This is the end of my boy game,” I wrote on the paper, and deliberately let He Chong see.On that planned day, I crumpled the paper, clutched it in my hand, and as I passed like, the clothes in my hand deliberately shook and the paper fell to the ground.I knew Like would pick it up, because every time she saw me after that, she would stare at me and eat me alive.Sure enough, within ten minutes, He Chong came to me with this piece of paper and asked, “Did you really write this?””Yes.”I will do what I dare.”Chi” that piece of paper was he Chong jilted on my face, “your mind is heavy enough!”He also dropped the sentence.Ha ha, my scheming enough heavy?Thank you!I say loudly to he chong’s back, in the heart is bleeding.Before long, he chong and Wan Ruo. they were so lovey-dovey in front of me. my smile was careless, and ONLY when He Chong’s cold eyes swept towards me did I feel a shiver.Yeong-yeong said, Wook-jeong, we said it was just a game.Don’t hurt yourself.”When I say I know, I know, isn’t that a game?Ha ha.I crazy to play Q, in the factory near the Internet cafe a bubble is several hours.On the Internet, I vented to a stranger named “don’t get her”.I told him THAT I lost my heart because of a game.”Can’t figure her out” told me that he was so upset by a girl that he couldn’t figure out why she was doing this to him.I told him I really liked him, but he wouldn’t believe me, because I told him I liked him at first.”Don’t understand her” advised me that if I really like that man, it is true to tell him, do not miss the opportunity, like him, now even understand her chance have no.When I said why not, he said, never, she’s a riddle…Two back and forth, talking to each other on the Internet.The Internet is such a great thing. It allows people to relax completely.Walking out of the Internet bar, I felt much more relaxed.I very seriously think about “do not understand her” words, feel really reasonable, I should be loyal to their heart, is not?Confess my heart to He Chong, and then leave a fresh, isn’t it better?I’m not carrying this burden forever!I met He Chong at the gate of the factory.I hesitated, approached him and asked quietly, “Can YOU listen to me for a second?”He said nothing but nodded silently.I plucked up courage: “in fact, just say like you, is a game.”He Chong’s face suddenly turned pale.I said: “this time, say like you, is from the heart!”He Chong looked at me quietly without making a sound.I dejected, turned to want to go.He chong grabbed me and said, “Let’s go.”I said, “Where?””Internet cafes,” he chong said.”To what?””Change Q’s name to: I get her.”Ah??Thank you for your reading. 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