DNF: How do you choose props for the New Year gift pack?Don’t choose the best, just the most appropriate

2022-07-29 0 By

After the opening of the new edition, I believe that many players in order to improve the damage of the New Year gift pack!There are a lot of highlights in this New Year’s pack, such as the first purchase of the “Exquisite Converters” that can upgrade the fantasy clone weapon costume to rare clone weapon costume, 1 to 95 skill +1 pets, and no playback bonus random draw mode and so on.Titles, pets, and rare clone weapons all contribute to damage and fame, and many players will buy at least one pack.There are a lot of ways in gift packages, and there are also a lot of props that make it difficult for players to choose, such as pets, pet equipment, special beads, and special gift boxes. So how should players choose these props?First of all, pets have the same basic attributes except for appearance and special attributes.The appearance of the player can be based on their own aesthetic choices, PERSONAL advice to choose the dimensional explorer Eos, cute appearance, but also can dance, very Kawaii.In terms of special attributes, one is 12% triple attack, 10% white word, and the other is 12% triple attack, 10% white word, players can choose according to their own entries, theoretically, the lower the entry, the greater the damage.For example, when the blade is not wearing a pet, the third attack entry is lower than the white one, so choosing 12%, third attack, 10% white pet will improve more, and choosing the dimensional explorer Eos first is better.Conversely, if the white word entry is lower than the third attack entry, the dimensional scientist Hess who chooses 12% white word and 10% third attack improves even more.The pet equipment is the same as the attribute of 21 years. If the player has graduated, they can choose to sell it at auction. If the player has not graduated, the output class will be improved according to the damage.Dairy occupations are recommended to choose red first, green second, and blue last for promotion according to milk quantity.The orb is divided into two types: skill and output attack. Output class brainless selects the attack orb. Considering promotion and other factors, auxiliary equipment is preferred, head and shoulder are second, and title is the last choice.Milk class brainless select ability gem, according to the amount of milk to upgrade head and shoulder > belt = shoes > title.PS: Title treasure bead can be purchased together with the title of the enchanted, do not recommend to choose, output professional play change to consider the selection of skills treasure bead.The special gift box can choose between the mysterious dimension crystal and the special dimension crystal. The mysterious dimension crystal is tradable, and you can choose to auction it off or randomly select one of the 13 props.The special dimensional crystal is the account binding mode, including the magic gold increase book, the spring weapon costume optional gift box, “exquisite converter” these three props, can choose one of them, players can choose according to their own needs.Impact 12~13 increase recommended to choose the gold increase book artifact, adjust the rare transparent weapon decoration level to choose “exquisite converter”, like weapons to dress up the warm party can choose to collect.Ok, the above is about the selection of New Year props, I hope to help you.Finally, I wish the warriors ozma often turn the gold medal, synthetic artifact sky into the soul, easily impact the whole body red 12~13 is not a dream.