Big eyebrow brother fourth quarter 0 shots found the reason!If I were Jenny, I’d be the first to let him go

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Q: how can I receive such interesting original sports information every day?A: Just tap the “focus” button in the upper right corner to realize your dreams.The lakers’ stunning loss to the Portland Trail Blazers left Magic feeling desperate, describing his feelings as “speechless,” and Worthy was unsentimental when he said the lakers lost to a wild team.There’s no denying that junior A-Simmons had the best game of his career and had no answers throughout the game.But the lakers had plenty of problems of their own, with James, Monk and Tucker committing 15 turnovers and 21 as a team, allowing the Blazers to easily score 28 points.After the game, James also volunteered to take responsibility: “I take full responsibility for the last mistake!”Still, as a 37-year-old small forward, you can’t expect him to play every game with the same turnovers as Paul.After all, James will never be the one to take the blame for the lakers’ losses.Some fans believe that if Bryant had taken even one brave shot in the fourth quarter, the outcome of the game could have changed.Of course, that’s not the real intention, but it’s the sixth season since 2015 that no sane person would want to endure.So, what is the reason why the eyebrows did not have any shot in the fourth quarter?The answer has to be found in the game.Some say his game has gone soft since winning his first championship, and as a player who has been injured a lot, you can understand his frustration.Indeed, he’s not working as hard to extend his career as he did with the Pelicans.In his last game against the bucks, Giannis antetokounmpo tried several times to stop him before he left, but had to force a shot.This is a true portrayal.Nurkic may not be as good as Umo, but he is one size bigger than Umo, and from the point of view of the game, Umo was not comfortable at all.Giannis antetokounmpo played 37 minutes, the most on the team, and had to deal with the impact of another 41 minutes against Jusuf Nurkic. He was obviously tired.As a result of not creating good shot opportunities.On the other hand, when the game is on the line, Vogel hands the ball to James, and it’s all about him winning or losing.Lebron James didn’t disappoint, scoring 14 points in the quarter and hitting a 3-pointer to beat the buzzer.So, in that case, it makes sense that Timberbrow didn’t take a shot for nine minutes in the fourth quarter.Fans are asking, why not give The team a break?Seven minutes is obviously a bit short.If Howard is out with an injury, why not even DEandre Jordan?He is past his prime, but he can play 10 minutes or so without any problem.He’s not technically a top-tier 5, and he has a bias against center in his heart, while Vogel has a tendency to go his own way, regardless of his feelings, leaving him to play most of the game alone in the post, which led to injuries early in the season.However, people will always become smarter, as the saying goes, there are policies, there are countermeasures, you let me play 40 minutes a game, I naturally won’t fight so hard.So, if I was Aunt Jenny, I’d be the first to let Vogel go. He’s lost his mind in countless failures, and he won’t be able to find a team that works for the Lakers.