Zibo handled both online and offline procedures to ensure the smooth transportation of key supplies for epidemic prevention and control

2022-07-28 0 By

Dong Kai, Reporter, Song Chao, Zibo, Shandong Province On March 25, Shandong Provincial Department of Transport and Shandong Provincial Department of Public Security jointly issued a notice on Handling Online Vehicle Permits for Transport of Key SUPPLIES for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, specifying that “starting from March 25,The pilot operation has opened the online vehicle Pass for transportation of KEY COVID-19 Prevention and Control Materials, which stipulates that the pass is only applicable to single transportation (including round-trip), with an independent number and one license for one vehicle.The e-pass (TWO-DIMENSIONAL code) can be automatically generated after the online pass application is approved.It can be downloaded to mobile phone and other mobile clients;On the basis of normal temperature measurement, the driver shall pass with the pass, green health code and travel code, and a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours.”In order to strengthen the coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development measures, and actively respond to the needs of the society and the masses, Zibo Transport Bureau immediately issued the Notice on Handling the Online Transportation of Key SUPPLIES for COVID-19 Prevention and Control.The notice requires the competent transport departments of all districts and counties to be familiar with the online handling of the pass in a timely manner, arrange special personnel to take turns on duty, efficiently complete the examination of the e-pass, and promptly set up special teams for emergency transport to ensure mutual recognition of the e-pass within the province, and launch priority and quick inspection procedures for vehicles holding e-pass.If the body temperature of the crew member is normal, the nucleic acid test results are negative within 48 hours of inspection, and the health code and travel code are normal, rapid release shall be required, and unauthorized restriction of passage shall not be allowed.Owners of registered enterprises or transport vehicles in Zibo city, transport medical prevention and control materials, fresh agricultural products, key production and living materials, energy materials, import and export goods, postal express and other materials and vehicles in and out of the counties (cities and districts) in middle and high risk areas of Zibo City.One of the consignor, consignee or carrier shall apply online through the wechat public account of “Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation” and “Shandong Traffic Police”. After submitting basic information, the certificate can be issued after being approved by the background.Zibo city traffic and transportation management service center related person in charge said, through the online processing, further simplify the work process, save the handling time, so that enterprises and company personnel less errands, data more road, maximize the efficiency of certificate handling.On the basis of unblocked network office channels, the offline application of the pass is still reserved. Enterprises applying for the pass should download and fill in the pass application form (which can be downloaded from the government bulletin board of Zibo Transport website http://jt.zibo.gov.cn/) and submit the paper version of the application form to the competent transport departments of their respective districts and counties.Certificate issued by each district/county competent department of transportation.Through the combination of online and offline processing, it is convenient for drivers to apply for the goods to the maximum extent, convenient for enterprises to quickly transport, and effectively guarantee the traffic demand of all kinds of goods transport vehicles during the epidemic.Up to now, a total of 19,314 passes have been handled in Zibo city, including 18,256 offline passes and 1,058 online passes.