Zhencha company resident fruit farmer said the cherry is less, company commander said a radar inspection

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In May, zhencha Company stationed in Qixia, Shandong province, on the top of the mountain in the east, 20 mu of cherries were ripe. From a distance, there was a piece of red. The cherry grains here were big and good in color, one by one like small agates, glittering and translucent, red and attractive.The beigu Mountain, where Zhanchang Lian lived, was a mountain of flowers and fruits, with cherries in summer, apples in autumn and peaches in May…Every season to hang fruit, company commander will repeatedly emphasize that: “We even like living in the flower and fruit mountain, the fruit here four seasons constantly, we must guard their bottom line, do not move a fruit of the people, now the cherry on the top of the mountain are ripe…”The first day the company commander said, the next day, the village fruit farmers found the company, fruit farmers said last night someone stole cherries, but also pulled the cherry tree.The company commander asked the farmer, “Did you find that it was the soldiers of our reconnaissance company?”The fruit farmer said: “Your scouts are all highly skilled, light as yan, climbing mountains and crossing mountains, like treading on the ground…”The company commander said, “Rest assured, I assure you, we did not do it!”After the farmer left, the company commander felt that what he said was more and more disgraceful. He knew it was not a soldier of our company, so why did he come to our company to find it?In order to find out the facts and return the innocence of our reconnaissance company, the company commander discussed with the instructor and finally decided to add a technical guard in the night guard room in the near future.That is, the infantry radar is set up towards the top of the mountain, and infrared scanning of the cherry orchard on the top of the mountain, and any abnormal small group movement and hot spot imaging should be immediately reported to the company.Under the leadership of the squad leader, the technical team of Class 8 adjusted the orientation of the four anti-infantry radars to the Cherry orchard.Class eight started the night shift, two hours each.For three consecutive nights, the cherry orchard found no abnormalities except for small hot spots of rabbits and coyotes.The commander said, keep looking.On the night of the fourth day, eighth squad leader suddenly came to report to the company commander and found three moving hot spots, which, according to imaging analysis, should be adult images.The company commander rolled out of bed and said, “Call Class one to company.”After a while, the class leader took the whole class to the company.The company commander said, “After technical reconnaissance, there are people in the cherry forest activities, we are divided into four groups to outflank.”The company commander made precise arrangements, stipulating that no one should be hurt and that stolen goods should be caught.Scout soldiers in camouflage uniforms under the command of the monitor, a group of two people quickly occupied the only way to the mountain, and then with a strong flashlight in the cherry orchard illuminate, and shouted: “You have been found by us, please consciously out of the woods, accept our inspection.”Three ghosts carrying a basket of cherries quietly down the trail of the back hill.”Stand still, we are scouts…”, three people by a comrade tightly surrounded in the back hill trail.The three men were invited to join the company of the reconnaissance company.By this time, the company commander had already waited at the company headquarters with the village commander and the militia commander.One into the company, the village head immediately stood up, she recognized the three people, is their village three people.The company commander handed over the three uninvited guests to the village chief and told all the combatants to return to duty and rest.The next day, the village head with fruit farmers, carrying a basket of cherries to the company to visit the whole company scouts.The company commander paid the price and then distributed the cherries to the squads so the soldiers could taste them.From then on, zha Zha company’s reputation was greatly shaken. People in eight villages all knew that the fruit orchard around zha Zha Company was not short of fruit.