Qingdao University is a little “embarrassed”, its strength is not bad, but its subject evaluation is not ideal

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Qingdao University, founded in 1909, is an old university with a history of more than 100 years.However, for Qingdao University, subject evaluation is a bit “awkward”.Although the strength is not bad, the subject evaluation is not ideal, not even a B subject.In the fourth round of subject Assessment, there are 24 Category C subjects, including 8 C+ subjects and 7 C subjects.What’s going on here?Why does Qingdao University feel ok? Why does it not have a good performance in the subject assessment?Qingdao University has 6 full-time academicians and more than 5 external academicians, including leading talents of the Ten Thousand Talents Program, Outstanding Teachers of the Ten Thousand Talents Program, Cheungkong Scholars, National Outstanding Young Scholars, national Outstanding Young scholars, cas “Hundred Talents Program” and so on.From the point of view of the faculty, should not be bad?Moreover, more than 6 of Qingdao University’s ESI are among the top 1% in the world. Boy, this is very impressive, but I don’t know why there is not even a B subject in the discipline assessment.Carefully looked at the relevant information of Qingdao University, Qingdao University may be the most powerful discovery is the department of medicine?After all, the best grade-A hospital in Qingdao is the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University. Therefore, many students with high scores choose the Medical School of Qingdao University for further study every year, so the admission score of the Medical School of Qingdao University is very high.If you consider the non-medical major of Qingdao University with a high score, it may not be a good choice. After all, with a high score, you can apply for the dominant major of other universities.Qingdao University is a key comprehensive university of Shandong province and a university jointly built by Shandong Province and Qingdao City.Certain advantages in terms of title, Qingdao university, the Ministry of Education of Qingdao university is outstanding engineers, excellent doctor pilot college education training plan, the Ministry of Education in colleges and universities teacher evaluation reform model of colleges and universities, the Ministry of Education for the first batch of professional master degree of clinical medicine of graduate cultivating model reform pilot colleges and so on, these can also show the strength of Qingdao university.However, as a comprehensive university, Qingdao University is “big but not fine”. Under the condition of even rain and dew, each discipline makes steady progress. How can it have a relatively prominent discipline?If Qingdao University focuses on the vertical development of one or three disciplines and makes continuous progress, there should be no big problems for B-type subjects.It’s even possible, over time, to become an A-level discipline.After all, Qingdao University now has the state Key Laboratory jointly built by the Province and the Ministry, the National and local joint Engineering Research Center, the national experimental Teaching demonstration center, the national talent training model innovation pilot zone, etc.From the perspective of subject evaluation, there are some gaps between Qingdao University, Qingdao University of Technology and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. After all, there is no Category B subject.For example, In the fourth round of discipline evaluation of Qingdao University of Technology, civil engineering was rated as a CLASS B discipline, which was quite stressful for Qingdao University. After all, it was a little “embarrassing”.Of course, Qingdao University strength is not bad, is expected to get B class discipline evaluation in the fifth round of discipline evaluation.Qingdao University is one of the brand faces of Qingdao city, plus Qingdao is a well-known coastal city and livable city in China, it is a comprehensive university that Qingdao city values very much.At present, Qingdao City is willing to provide abundant resources to Qingdao University, so that Qingdao University can make further progress in subject evaluation.Depending on the situation, the strength of the two disciplines of textile science and engineering and system science of Qingdao University is not poor, and it is expected to make further progress and even hit the double first-class universities.Qingdao University has a large employment advantage in geographical location, which, to a certain extent, can help Qingdao University attract more high-quality talents and further promote the development of Qingdao University.What do you think about that?