Polar Star 5 will be based on an all-aluminium bonding platform developed by the UK team

2022-07-28 0 By

On February 15, Polestar, a global high-performance electric vehicle brand, announced that its upcoming high-performance pure electric 4-door GT Coupe, Polestar 5, will be built based on a new customized all-aluminum bonding platform.Polar Star UK r&d center is located in Motorsport Valley, central England, which is known as the world’s top motor sports center. Polar Star UK r&d Center has more than 280 top engineers in the industry, who have rich experience in the engineering development of F1 racing cars and small batch customization of high-end sports cars.The all-aluminum bonding platform has the advantages of lightweight, high stiffness, high performance and environmental protection, but the technology has faced the challenge of quality stability in mass production.The Polar Star UK team has developed a new, faster manufacturing process to solve this problem, enabling the body and platform to be built in one piece.Thanks to all new materials and technologies, the Biw weight of the Polar Star 5 is expected to be lower than that of the smaller class sedan, greatly improving drive efficiency, range and vehicle dynamic response while maintaining industry-leading safety indicators.In addition, the all-aluminum bonded platform will bring faster development pace, higher quality and platform strength.Based on the all-aluminum bonding platform, the torsional stiffness of the body of the four-door GT Peakstar 5 will far exceed that of traditional two-seater sports cars or supercars.It’s this customised platform that keeps the Production model of the Star 5 in line with its inspiration, the Precept concept car.At present, the development of Polar Star 5 is well underway, and the lead project development of Polar Star IN the UK is still growing, the team size is planned to expand to about 500 people.More details on the Polar Star 5 will be released gradually in the Polar Star documentary series “Precept: From Concept to Real Car”.