OPPO Watch 2 coming soon?The color of glacier lake blue is really nice

2022-07-28 0 By

Early in the 19th century, traditional watches has emerged, which nearly two hundred years, gave birth to a lot of interesting brand, the brands involve a great deal of historical value and cultural value, but with the development of the era, traditional watches have been gradually do not meet our requirements, can we all want to watch, like mobile phones, have all sorts of function, and because of that,Smart watches have been welcomed by many digital enthusiasts after their debut. Many mobile phone manufacturers have entered the market in recent years and brought us many interesting products, such as OPPO’s OPPO Watch 2.On February 18, OPPO announced that it will release the OPPO Watch2 in glacier Lake blue, which is designed to coincide with the 2022 Winter Olympics. The lake blue wristband has a crystal clear texture, and the dark blue stripes on the wristband.Also reminiscent of the athlete’s foot skates across the ice, it has to be said that OPPO has something in terms of design.(OPPO officially announced the new OPPO Watch 2, glacier lake blue) On the other hand, there is also a skiing algorithm on the OPPO Watch 2, which is developed by OPPO Health Lab. With this function, we can use the Watch.Multidimensional automatically track the movements of we were skiing data including ski trails, distance, train number, drop and so on, through these data, we can better understand their own motion, in monitoring to our heart rate when things go wrong, will watch to remind us, so we can rest assured bold exercise,You don’t have to worry about your health.(Skiing algorithm of OPPO Watch 2) In addition to skiing algorithm, OPPO Watch 2 also carries more than 100 kinds of exercise modes. For example, when we are running, the Watch will remind us of our running speed and breathing rate according to our exercise status, just like a physical trainer.This is no doubt very useful for me, a regular exerciser.In addition, we can connect the watch to the health App in the mobile phone and check a series of data such as our calorie consumption, heart rate and pace. We can also use this product to monitor our health status in real time. We feel that OPPO is really strong in the development and accumulation of sports and health technology.(OPPO Watch2 series health features) In general, OPPO has done a good job in IoT products in the past two years. The appearance of OPPO Watch2’s Glacier Lake blue version also shows us the excellent design capabilities of this mobile phone manufacturer. From another perspective,If you are interested in this product, you can go to OPPO’s offline stores and have a look. You will not be disappointed with the performance of OPPO Watch 2.