Mortgage policy is substantial loosening!Heze “no housing no loan” down payment ratio down to 20% industry: in line with the central bank policy first set just need priority support

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Financial Union (Beijing Shanghai, reporter Gao Ping Xu Chuan) news, recently there are market rumors that Heze City of Shandong Province icbc, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank for personal housing loans to adjust the proportion of down payment.Wealth yonhap news agency reporter today understands from local Banks and intermediary organizations, individual housing loans down payment ratio is adjusted in the near future, “without housing loans” (name without housing and individual housing loan records) buyers, in subscription ordinary housing, can enjoy the lowest 20% mortgage down-payment, down 10% compared with the previous.Industry analysis said that the heze cut in line with the central bank previously released the policy, non-restricted city mortgage down payment threshold can be as low as 20%.On the whole, the reduction of the down payment ratio is conducive to boosting the vitality of the local property market transaction, and has a strong signal significance for many other places. Meeting the rigid demand for the first home will become the main driving force of future policy changes.First suite down payment ratio and loan interest rate double reduction heze Agricultural Bank of a credit manager confirmed to the Financial Union reporter, the bank “no housing no loan” buyers down payment ratio has indeed been lowered from 30% to 20%.Mortgage rates for first and second homes have been lowered from 5.95 percent and 6.14 percent at the end of last year to 5.6 percent and 5.95 percent, respectively.”If the buyer has a mortgage record but no property, the down payment is 25 percent, but if the buyer has one or more houses, the down payment is 30 percent.”An ICBC credit official said that the local loan quota is relatively sufficient, and the loan can be made after the approval is completed. But at present, due to the Spring Festival holiday just ended, the business volume of the branch is not large, which is basically consistent with the rule of lending in previous years.In addition, according to local real estate agents, industry, agriculture, construction three banks recently synchronous use of the adjustment of the loan policy, but for specific customer groups, in the specific implementation may be slightly different.One bank, for example, still requires a 40% down payment for buyers of two or more properties.In addition, for part of the good credit buyers, the first set of mortgage rates will also have a certain preference.”The adjusted mortgage rates are basically concentrated at 5.6 per cent and 5.9 per cent.”Another real estate agent said that the “first home first loan” interest rate is usually 5.6%, and the “house and loan” homebuyers will be charged 5.9%, but if they own two or more houses but the mortgage balance has been paid off, they can still enjoy a low interest rate of 5.6%.Industry: expected to support just need is the main direction of future policy changes “do not limit the purchase of the city’s first suite down payment ratio of the minimum of 20% is always the policy.”For heze to reduce the mortgage down payment ratio, Centaline property chief analyst Zhang Dawei blunt, from the policy point of view, the local government can fine tune on the basis of the central policy, Heze as a non-purchase restriction city, can indeed implement 20% of the first suite minimum down payment policy.According to a notice jointly issued by the People’s Bank of China and the China Banking Regulatory Commission in 2016, in cities that do not implement “purchase restriction” measures, the minimum down payment ratio of commercial personal housing loans for households buying ordinary houses for the first time is 25% in principle, with a sliding rate of 5 percentage points.For households that have one house and the corresponding purchase loan has not been settled, the minimum down payment ratio shall be adjusted to no less than 30% if they apply for commercial personal housing loan again to purchase ordinary housing in order to improve their living conditions.Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of E-House Research Institute, believes that from the down payment policy of real estate loans, 20% down payment is obviously a loose policy, and the signal significance is strong.The heze policy can be regarded as the first shot of commercial bank loans to reduce the down payment, which is also related to the current real estate market situation, housing related financial situation changes.”Some places, including Beihai and Zigong, have reduced the down payment ratio of provident fund, and Anhui has also vaguely mentioned the concept of reducing the down payment in a document, but none of them have actually reduced the down payment.And only commercial banks reduce the mortgage down payment ratio, is the most core.The introduction of similar policies has a positive effect on boosting market transactions.””Yan yuejin said.In Zhang Dawei’s view, Heze to reduce the mortgage down payment ratio, is expected to have a limited impact on the market, but for other cities across the country, the confidence of the greater impact.”The change in the down payment ratio represents a shift in the direction of key support for real estate. Supporting first-time home buyers will become the main direction of future policy changes.”In fact, the recent national real estate control policy is more intensive.Statistics from Centaline Property Research Institute show that since January 2022, there have been more than 80 real estate regulation policies nationwide, of which nearly 40 cities have issued relevant policies to stabilize the property market.In terms of content, it has increased by more than 60% compared with the same period in 2021. Compared with previous years, real estate regulation has been mainly tightened. Since the beginning of this year, the real estate regulation has basically been based on stabilizing the property market and easing policies.”Entering 2022, from central ministries and commissions to local provinces and cities, all are introducing policies to stabilize the property market.”Zhang Dawei said that from the market performance, with the emergence of the bottom of the policy, the bottom of the market transaction also gradually began to appear.Especially since the fourth quarter of 2021, credit policies have gradually stabilized.With the central bank’s continuous release of stability information, personal mortgage data has stopped falling, the property market has gradually stabilized, after the bottom of the policy, it is expected that the bottom of the market is expected to accelerate in the first to second quarter of 2022.