JCW CLUBMAN prices from 406,800 welcome to inquire

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Buy MINI at the end of the year, big promotion at Spring Festival, don’t think about it!Buy it directly, chengdu Rong Fu Bao MINI store all staff waiting for your visit!To the shop check-in is to send yue with the whole family mini owners exclusive benefits, mini live up to the good times from now on to buy mini full series full models enjoy five luxury gifts, pay 299 yuan of intention gold to 2000 yuan gift, the weather is gentle, all things lovely!Some models replacement can enjoy five years of 100,000 kilometers of maintenance, life is not to travel, but to feel the road.Order a car to send 5999 yuan home appliance gift, a car can not be classified to the same meaning of different you.Mini owners can enjoy 3000 yuan loyalty discount if they buy mini again.For more details, please call: 17088177976 Chengdu Rongfu Bao to bring consumers a new luxury fashion car buying car service experience!More one-on-one exclusive VIP service, low down payment to buy a car, open a happy journey!Address: Chengdu Rongfubao Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD., Jianguo Tianfu Park, opposite the entrance of Luzhou Expressway, Second Section of Lushan Avenue, Tianfu New District, Chengdu