Intangible heritage paper-cutting inheritors have been obsessed with paper-cutting for more than 30 years, hoping to retain local culture

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Over the past 30 years, paper cutting has become an indispensable part of Zhang Yanjie’s life.Luliang, February 25, zhang Yanjie provides China New network: intangible heritage paper-cut inheriting people obsessed with paper-cut for more than 30 years hope to retain local culture author Yang Jing a pair of scissors, a piece of red paper, in Zhang Yanjie’s hand fold fold cut, a beautiful paper-cut work leaps out of hand.Zhang Yanjie, the inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage “Wenshui Paper-cut” project, shows the method of cutting for fans in Wenshui County, Luliang City, Shanxi Province, Thursday.She says that over the past 30 years, paper cutting has become an essential part of life.”When I was a child, I watched my grandmother cut paper-cuts. It was so magical that I wanted to follow suit.”Zhang Yanjie told the reporter that she did not go through systematic learning. The first time she picked up scissors at the age of 7 was to follow her grandmother to cut window cuts. She gradually explored her own way, from being unskilled at the beginning to loving it now.Wenshui paper cutting is a typical local paper cutting, affected by geographical environment, lifestyle, social form and many other factors, showing a unique artistic style, its works are simple and concise.”Paper cutting techniques mainly include Yin cutting, Yang cutting and combination of Yin and Yang. Common techniques include folding paper cutting, silhouette, tearing paper and piercing.”The unique feature of Wenshui paper cutting lies in its unique pattern and reflects the characteristics of local life.Zhang Yanjie provides “paper-cut content is also very rich, a wide range of topics, including folk festival paper-cut, wedding paper-cut, auspicious paper-cut, opera character paper-cut and so on.From myths and legends to chicken, duck and kennel, it is full of life and local characteristics.”Zhang Yanjie said.Zhang Yanjie introduced that wenshui paper cutting is unique in its patterns, reflecting the characteristics of local life.”In addition to general auspicious symbols, wenshui paper cuts are mainly a combination of four auspicious animals, namely ‘lion, tiger, goldfish and rabbit’, representing ‘Yin and Yang and the five elements, heaven, Earth and Human harmony’.Such as the combination of ‘nine fish and a rabbit’, for moving pattern, meaning ‘nine fish and a rabbit, who live in a rich’.”In addition to cutting some conventional paper-cut works, Zhang Yanjie also innovates constantly and makes some ornamental and practical products such as paper-cut bookmarks, group fans and paper-cut envelopes, so as to better integrate traditional culture into life.In order to pass on this traditional skill, Since 2017, Zhang Yanjie has carried out paper-cutting activities in many schools, including Wenshui Sixth Experimental Primary School and Beijie Primary School, to teach students paper-cutting.From 2018, free summer training will be held in wenshui County Cultural Center.Zhang Yanjie’s paper-cut works.Now, Zhang Yanjie has received several apprentices, all of whom are students. “The children like paper-cutting very much. As long as they are willing to learn, I am willing to teach them.”Under zhang yanjie’s influence, her 15-year-old son also likes paper cutting very much, “especially the left hand is skilled in paper cutting.”In July 2019, with the support of relevant departments of Wenshui County, Zhang Yanjie and 56 paper-cut lovers established the “Wenshui County Paper-cut Art Association”.In recent years, they often visit the old folk artists, and around the paper-cut artists exchange learning, participate in the skills of the organization around the competition, and continue to learn to improve paper-cut skills, propaganda paper-cut wenshui.Next, Zhang Yanjie plans to deeply investigate the historical origin of local paper-cutting, and combine local characteristics to create paper-cutting works and bind them into books, leaving some written materials.At the same time, will also carry out more intangible heritage paper-cutting into the campus, into the scenic area and other activities, publicity wenshui paper-cutting, attract more paper-cutting enthusiasts to learn.”On the basis of carrying forward traditional culture, we will pay attention to the use of new techniques, new materials and new technologies, and integrate traditional techniques with creative design to research a batch of distinctive cultural and creative products.”Zhang Yanjie said that she hoped to develop ideas and innovative technology on the basis of inheriting traditional culture, and promote wenshui paper cutting to the market, so that art lovers can have some economic income.(End) Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: