Five out of six, four out of four!Tucker is on fire at hawks, Westbrook is on fire, monk is on fire with 4 3s

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Five out of six, four out of four!Tucker is on fire at hawks, Westbrook is on fire, monk is on fire with 4 3s!Beijing time on January 31, the eagle home game against the lakers, the home state of hot recently, under the guidance of special ray young won six straight, in contrast, the visiting team has suffered two defeats, but less neville breaking a questions, itself strength is some, just constantly into the squad, monk and heavy eyebrows in return at the same time, it makes the lakers improved on both ends,Both of them scored 11 points in the first quarter, leading the team to build an advantage early, but there were problems in the interior defense, which was completed by the Hawks at the last moment, the second quarter tucker and Anthony two substitutes stalemate, who do not know why Tucker hit the Hawks on the strength.First start in the first quarter, Collins box score, wei fewer foul penalty back 1 minute, a 3-pointer by monk perimeter card peralta empty dunk to equalise, heavy eyebrows couple three points on the fire, then heavy eyebrows cut back get 2 points, layup with Collins, cic immediately respond, heavy eyebrows high card peralta eat the bread of dunk, Bradley cic scoring, heavy eyebrows empty to dunk,Collins strong layup scored, monk dead shot two points, Collins is strong, and continue to score brad bearish layup with cutting, omar, three points in the second half strong tu layup with Collins, heavy eyebrows and toss get 2 points, middle, ray young continuous counter 4 points to play the lakers stopped, the final stage monk into three points, Howard empty to dunk, trevor Yang qiang layup scored,Carmelo Anthony responded with a 3-pointer by Danilo Gallinari, giving Atlanta a 34-33 lead in the first quarter.To continue in the second quarter, Laocoon wu empty to dunk, Anthony shot two points, the cic rovio stopped it in urgent, Anthony line jumper into again, a 3-pointer by bogdan tucker strong layup scored, Wright get empty, tuck the basket on the hand and then again into the jump shots, rovio hemostatic free throws, a 3-pointer by Anthony couple second half cic with Collins,Russell Westbrook responded with a layup of 2 points, His team beat Capela into the basket, trey Young drove through the basket, Monk responded immediately to the layup, Trey Young was called away, but didn’t hand over the ball in the first time, Bradley came up to grab the ball and the two got into a fight, normally it is illegal to delay the offensive kick off.Final stages, cic score less, trevor Yang qiang foul two foul shots, then find opportunities layup get 2 points, heavy eyebrows insider foul made two free throws, “ray young doubled-teamed mistakes again, wei less fight back in hand layup labeled 2 + 0, next to ray young always complain to technical fouls, heavy eyebrows chant to 1 minute, ray young free throws up points,Heavy eyebrows rolling card peralta scored easily, hurth empty shot two points, the lakers insider defensive pressure is not enough, less on defense, low plate hit, heavy eyebrows block, ray young monk back layup scoring, strong couple tu get 2 points, ray young accelerate layup shot 2 points, three points monk hit the buzzer, end the lakers’ 71-62 lead against the hawks in the first half.In the second half of the lakers improve defense strength, force, ray young lapses, Wisconsin teamed up with less heavy eyebrows, the monk came back complete, zero release in the first quarter, wei less 6, 5 in the second quarter had 11 points and six assists and 4 rebounds, more intelligent, reduce invalid, heavy eyebrows 11 of 18 points and 3 rebounds, 2 assists and seven monk hold up,Seven of eight for 19 points, six rebounds and three assists, and four three-pointers in the first half, while Anthony and Tucker provided backup fire, especially tucker’s surge against the Hawks, making eight of his four shots and Anthony added nine points.