The soul of the migrant workers, the district of the migrant workers can also become!

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The civil service is very stable, welfare is very nice, so I also want to set foot on the road.Can be as a hard worker, do not want to resign and no time, become one of the major obstacles to shore!How do on-the-job personnel prepare for the district test?On-the-job personnel prepare for an examination to suggest reasonable planning your time spare scattered time use: want to go ashore, have to work hard, get up early in the morning, use 2 hours of study time before going to work, in order to line test questions and read the true theme, increase knowledge reserve.Evening: Basic theory course, one question one question preparation;At the same time with the corresponding question type brush exercises to consolidate.Weekend time use: strictly in accordance with the test time for a mock test, limited time training, leak detection and fill in the gaps, it is best to cooperate with the paper explanation, so as to find the problem, targeted improvement.In view of the results of the model test for the sea of tactics, special weak points for brush training, more than 10.No distractions, in order to focus on rejecting the temptation of mobile phones: the appeal of mobile phones is not generally large, time is fleeting, so not indulgent, it is suggested to uninstall this kind of APP, first to compromise, after playing.Fully in accordance with the schedule planning: develop a perfect study plan, according to the preparation schedule to complete the preparation of the test goal, in order to be closer to success!2. Use tools to study. Keep a stock of material on your phone, such as your own notes, mistakes summary, etc.You can also record the materials and “listen to lectures” on your mobile phone, so that you can prepare for the test at any time even on the way to work or work.Wechat official account can also be used to prepare for the exam: pay attention to the government type and news work number, you can learn the latest local information, which has a great inspiration for answering questions.If you are looking at the announcement of the government’s new policy, you can summarize the central idea and key words of the article timely, which is conducive to improving the reading and understanding of the material.Is it too late to study for the exam?The announcement of the 2022 Guangxi Regional examination will be released soon!Small volunteers prepared for the students, the first time to inform the public.If you want to know about the recruitment of civil servants in Guangxi this year, you can make a free reservation for the announcement of the Guangxi district examination and get the 2022 district examination “position form”, as well as the guidance of the Guangxi district examination