The nujiang Bijiang Road Special Service Station carries out “six familiar” and actual combat exercises to the nujiang Zhou grain reserve warehouse under its jurisdiction

2022-07-27 0 By

On February 7, the bijiang Road special Service station of nujiang Prefecture fire rescue detachment organized fire rescue personnel to carry out a familiarization drill in nujiang Prefecture grain storage warehouse, to further enhance operational and rapid response capabilities and comprehensively improve the overall readiness for duty.In order to ensure that the six familiar with the drill work results, in the process of familiarity, fire and rescue personnel first of the unit’s building structure, layout characteristics, key parts, evacuation channels, internal fire facilities and other key situations to be familiar with.Six after the end of the familiar, the monitor core staff of the warehouse to carry out a simple fire safety knowledge training, the use of fire extinguishers, daily small initial fire fighting and kitchen fire response measures to do relatively professional answers.Subsequently, fire fighting and rescue exercises were carried out according to the actual situation of the unit.In the course of the exercise, the personnel on site had a clear division of labor, clear combat tasks, rapid combat actions and close cooperation, and successfully completed the tasks set by the exercise.After the drill, the commander made an on-site comment and emphasized that in the fire site, one must be clear-eyed, nervous but not flustered, and correctly, quickly and flexibly use the guiding ideology of the fire site and the experience accumulated in peacetime to carry out the battle to ensure the success of the battle.Through the six familiar drills, the ability of fire fighting and rescue personnel in the field was tested, the quick response ability of the firefighters to the key units in the area was improved, the combat readiness awareness and overall combat effectiveness of all the fire fighting and rescue personnel on duty were strengthened, and a solid foundation was laid for the future fire fighting and rescue.