Skating under the Oriental Pearl Tower, ringing the bell on the World Financial Center…During the Spring Festival, pudong has many scenic spots and activities.

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Where do you go on vacation?The City culture and Tourism Bureau sorted out the wonderful New Year activities of many scenic spots in Pudong, such as dancing on ice, climbing high and praying for good luck…Lots of activities, feel happy together!PS, please pay attention to personal protection, do not cluster, do not gather, epidemic prevention “three pieces”, protection “five”.Address: No. 1 century Avenue, Pudong New Area, the 600-square-meter venue allows you to dance on the ICE and experience the winter scenery of Lujiazui.When night falls, the unique lighting design of the ice rink echoes the glittering Oriental Pearl Tower at night, which is particularly beautiful.Time: From now on to February 6th, Oriental Pearl Will launch “Family Tour package” and “Family Tour Package” to celebrate the Spring Festival. One ticket will allow you to see the core attractions of Oriental Pearl, including the Exhibition Hall of Shanghai City’s Historical Development, the circular multimedia show “Shangshang-Hai” and the 263-meter optical layer.Shanghai world financial center similar greeting the New Year blessing “powerful” favourable activity time: from now on – address: on February 28, 100 century avenue, pudong new area in 94 layer blessing bell, light flower works in the future of the clock in 100 layers, picked up the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger picture clock props, took a group photo in the first in the New Year with family and friends.At the same time, the building also launched “New Year tiger Tiger Shengwei” three-person package tickets, three people to celebrate the New Year.Address: No.501, Yincheng Middle Road, Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Will hold various activities to welcome the God of Wealth on the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. At the same time, if you come to Shanghai Peak Sightseeing Hall, you will have the chance to win lucky draw red envelopes, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Tiger king worship Chinese New YearAddress: No. 1388 lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is holding a New Year’s visit by the King of the Tiger in the sea – “Named after the tiger” aquatic biology exhibition, sand tiger shark, maura, tiger spot…Do you know how many creatures with the word “tiger” are in the water?Shanghai Disney Resort New Year Get-together Time: from now to 16th FebruaryRivers sand town pudong new area “New Year together wonderful” Shanghai Disneyland to open new model, decorating park and small town is permeated with strong festival atmosphere, bring you a lot of new spring limited experience, hang lanterns, the festival atmosphere is very high street, put on the New Year new Disney friends, Spring Festival performances such as Disney festival atmosphere, activities and special during the year of the tiger little eggs!Address: 166 Yinfei Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park will present special performances of “Sea, Sky and Whale flame: Water Curtain Light Show”, “Sea Lion Express” and “Dragon King’s Treasure” to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. The Shanghai New Year temple fair will give you a feast to enjoy.Add: 179 Nanliu Road, Pudong New District “2022, Like a Tiger With Wings” is fully launched in Shanghai Wildlife Park.The tiger has always been a symbol of bravery, agility, stability and power.In the Shanghai Wildlife Park, there are not only the Amur tiger, nicknamed “king of the jungle”;There are more gentle temperament, graceful white tiger known as “miss tiger”;In addition, the cute and naughty tiger cubs in the small animal park are all the heart of love.In 2022, why not have a “tiger’s date”, which is “like a tiger with wings added”, so that you can welcome the New Year with laughter and happy New Year.Edit: Zhang Ziwei * reproduced please indicate from Pudong official wechat release