RNG losing to V5 is not terrible, but losing to V5 team’s subordinates, the Asian Games forget it

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RNG is finally broken have been sheep yao wu wei “unbeaten golden body”, true to the strength of strong teams before or less, that a RNG does not lose, they can lose in the list, you can lose the order, but absolutely can’t lose AD, surprised everyone, is the three position RNG all lost, and lost to the V5 “brain” of their own.In terms of player strength, all positions of V5 are ground up, in terms of tactics BP, this BO3 makes RNG inside and out, and even THE MVP does not need to be awarded to the ROOKIE. As the “savior” of V5, RNG does not need to make a move, especially during the Asian Games selection period.This RNG complete defeat is likely to affect the subsequent Asian Games qualifying for the starting line-up.In the first match, RNG made the mistake of lifting the rookie hero Sena to ban, and they were confident that they would release a new hero, Zelie V5, and they didn’t even choose the V5 core center rookie in ban.In the first game, V5 had a very solid line-up, with Naer, Centaur and Titan playing the opening team against RNG’s opening team and Emperor’s opening team. In the late stage, V5 had the upper hand in the lineup.RNG still started around the lower half of the field in the early stage but gained little, zelli’s mobility to overcome RNG’s early tactical thinking for the lower road.Follow-up in the early stage of the rhythm is the wind, with the early online gank prince checks and balances, pioneer and headcount economic lead RNG, when everyone thought that the first inning RNG will not surprisingly easy game, both sides the small group in the road to the beginning of the RNG turns down, spring and Titan in a wave of small-scale road of stability control in the melee,Perfectly constrains the output environment of Gala Kinks.Then V5 instead of avoiding the positive with the risk of 5V5 group war, but with Nar with the troops began to catch the side single, the emperor will catch two consecutive times, resulting in RNG vision can not be arranged to the wild area, for the follow-up troops squatted three minutes to open RNG double C fofoded.After RNG lost the advantage of the early operation, the initiative entered the hands of V5, which had the first move and economic advantage. Zeli still became a key step in the battle that RNG could not defeat. Although the first game MVP went to Karsa’s team,But in fact the most important thing for V5 to win game 1 was the output environment that Zeli couldn’t be targeted against in this lineup.The first RNG actually lost in the light enemy, put the version of the non-ban must grab the hot AD Zeri, which means that the damage of the game Gala can not be melted in a short time V5 front row is the end of losing.In the second game, RNG still didn’t believe the evil, they still put Zaire to V5, instead, they only put Naer to BAN in the last game, but this game is still not happy. Under the intervention of rookie and Karsa, bin took out the male gun and it has no presence in this game.As a result, Wei and Ming’s nobuke can only play center in the early stage, but rookie is not the kind of player who can die in the middle.The final result of the spearhead is the same as that of the first round, not daring the developmental rhythm of the early Photic phase.Rookie take credit to kill tigers eu ancient silk was given a blood, couldn’t believe the RNG herself that, desperately want to prove himself in the presence of Rookie tiger hit on the head, see the middle late can’t open the situation by the samaritans, to sister early initiative for the tower on the knife, but the RNG is underestimated the proficiency of rich knife younger sister,A wave of hit a time difference on the road more tower anti rich to rookie god soldier, and finally RNG on the road to continue to eat, and bin male gun from this time began without any desire and right to press the line, in the top two positions were crushed by the counter, RNG this lineup did not play effect,The subsequent victory was naturally won by V5.It is worth mentioning that Photic used Zali to get 5 kills in the second round of bo3. Taking 5 kills is not terrible, but the opposite AD is the most embarrassing. Gala was originally the first choice of AD in this Asian Games, but it was cut down by a new AD halfway.In this game, RNG not only lost to V5 Zhonguano, but also lost the lower road combination which they were proud of. RNG should summarize the reasons for losing this game. The most important thing is the pressure and shadow brought to their team players by this defeat.For more content, check out LOL League of Legends