One year master’s degree, University of Otago

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Students apply for a one-year master’s degree from the University of Otago.Two or three years college graduate with sufficient working experience in a relevant field.In terms of language requirements, students will need ielts 6.0(reading and writing minimum 6.0, listening and speaking minimum 5.5) or pass the New Zealand National Certificate in English (Level 5).University of Otago one-year Master’s Tuition fees In Humanities, Education, Music, Law: NZ $24600-29800;Nz $26,800 for business;Nz $29800- NZ $35,000 for health sciences and Medicine;Nz $27700-28900 for science;Nz $29800 for surveying;Theology 26,400 NZD.Master of Business (18 months) : NZ $48240 or NZ $53640;Master of Professional Accounting: NZ $53,600;Nz $40200 for Master of Tourism, Master of Finance, Master of Business Administration;Business Data Science $42708.The University of Otago offers a one-year master’s degree in finance.One-year full-time study, starting in February each year;7 compulsory courses +1 graduation course (Applied Project or Research Project);This master’s program strengthens students’ knowledge of various aspects of the finance profession, such as mathematical finance, corporate finance, financial econometrics and energy carbon finance.Master of Business Data Science.One-year full-time study, starting in February each year;7 compulsory courses +1 graduation course (Applied Project or Research Project).3. Master degree in Tourism.Master of Toursim is a one-year Master’s course in tourism, which is offered to students who have completed undergraduate studies in tourism and obtained degree certificates or non-undergraduate students who have relevant work experience. Students with bachelor’s degrees can apply for it.Three semesters of study in a year, two semesters of courses taught by leading Academics and one semester of research;A master of Tourism degree is awarded upon completion of one year of study.4. Master of Applied Science.Credits: 180;Length of schooling: one yearAdmission Time: February;Tuition fee: approximately NZ $40,000 (approximately NZ $17,000 less than a two-year master’s degree)According to Rischen, the Master of Public Health program at the University of Otago provides public health education for promising community health.It emphasizes the social, economic, cultural, and educational role of producing and maintaining the well-being of individuals and communities.