National Medical Insurance Administration: The new round of national price cuts for NUCLEIC acid tests for COVID-19 is progressing smoothly

2022-07-27 0 By

Recently, the national health insurance bureau, office of the State Council to COVID – 19 outbreak zone spreading mechanism of medical treatment in combination with deployment of a new round of national new nucleic acid testing price, request the provinces three times in 2021, on the basis of price, deliver the public medical institutions on April 8 new crown the government guidance price down to a single single nucleic acid detection check copy is not higher than 28 yuan per person,The government-guided price for multiple inspections has been lowered to no more than 8 yuan per person, and provinces with special circumstances can extend the price reduction until April 30.Up to now, 30 provinces across the country have issued a document to reduce government guidance prices.Twenty-seven provinces, including Jilin, Shandong and Heilongjiang, lowered the price to 28 yuan per person, while Xinjiang, Hainan and Beijing had the lowest prices of 25.1 yuan, 25 yuan and 24.9 yuan per person, respectively.23 provinces, including Hunan and Jiangxi, have lowered the price to 8 yuan per person; five provinces, including Shandong, Hebei, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and Guangdong, have lowered the price to 6 yuan per person; Beijing has lowered the price to no more than 5.9 yuan per person; and Xinjiang has the lowest price in the country at 3.5 yuan per person.Once the new pricing policy is fully implemented, it will further reduce the burden of nucleic acid testing costs, especially for the service industry, small and micro enterprises and employees with high testing frequency.(CCTV News)