Nanjing Gaochun: To stabilize people’s “vegetable basket” supplies to ensure “uninterruptible”

2022-07-27 0 By

Local residents are buying pork.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the supply of daily necessities and the price of goods have attracted public attention.In recent days, gaochun District in Nanjing has been working hard to prevent and control the epidemic, while strengthening the management of daily supplies, market supervision and price monitoring to ensure market supply and meet the needs of residents.Early in the morning of The 23rd, located in gaochun Gucheng street, Jiangsu Gucheng Lake Aquatic Products Market Co., LTD., tianhe farmers’ market, is already a scene in full bloom.Workers are loading boxes of cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes and other fresh vegetables onto trucks, ready to be pulled to the district’s major supermarkets.Party member of aquatic products market branch, Jiangsu solid city lake aquatic products market Co., LTD. Vice general manager Xu Liangquan said: “Tianhe agricultural products market as the largest agricultural products market in the whole area, shoulder the important task of protecting for supply, we will organize the market operation large households actively transfer source of goods, to ensure that the market meat and vegetables supply sufficient and rich varieties.The market advocates, encourages and supports merchants to expand supply channels, speed up the organization of goods for sale, and ensure the supply of basic agricultural and sideline products such as grain, oil and vegetables.”In the face of the severe epidemic prevention and control situation, Gaochun District made every effort to ensure the effective supply of “vegetable basket” products.Therefore, according to the requirement of “at least 30 days full load operation”, Tianhe Farmers’ market has signed a commitment letter of “no price increase, no stock out of stock and continuous supply” with the operating merchants, requiring sufficient supply of goods and focusing on ensuring the supply of vegetables, meat, eggs and other necessities for residents’ life.Relevant staff go deep into the grassroots, timely understand the difficulties and problems encountered in livestock production materials, product sales, transportation and other links, coordinate and smooth green channel, do a good job of production and marketing docking services.It is understood that tianhe farmers market daily transport more than 130 tons of vegetables, more than 60 tons of fruits, more than 40 tons of grain and oil, more than 10 tons of poultry eggs, the whole area has 26,000 pigs, including more than 16,000 pigs, large-scale pig farm is expected to provide 4,000 listed fat pigs by the end of March, can fully guarantee the daily consumption demand of citizens.At the same time, gaochun District bureau of Commerce staff daily to suguo Supermarket, Yonghui supermarket and other 4 key supermarkets for the sale of rice, oil, vegetables and other 6 key items, inventory, purchase 3 indicators monitoring, found abnormal timely dispatch.Gaochun district market regulator is set up, with emphasis on the administrative law enforcement, epidemic prevention and control and service market main body two special working group, continuous attention to import food cold chain and retail pharmacies, imported fruits, price regulation and catering service enterprises, epidemic prevention and control of a farmers’ market and supplies for protection, strict law enforcement, strict plain code marks a price, with high pressure situation, to combat the illegal behaviour of price gouging etc.Ensure market stability.It is understood that gaochun District has sufficient supplies, standardized management and orderly deployment during the epidemic prevention and control period.Going forward, the Gaochun District material guarantee and Reserve Team will further strengthen the overall planning and dispatching, and spare no effort to provide strong and orderly material guarantee for epidemic prevention and control and People’s Daily life.(Wang Yuqing, Chen Yangyang, Liu Li, CAI Wei)