Jiaoguang reception room | railway brought to prosperity

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How long does it take to climb a mountain?For Huang Jishun, who has lived all his life in Badu Village, Badu Town, Zhiheng County, Qianxinan Prefecture, it takes four hours to climb a 500-meter vertical mountain to get to the county seat on a motorcycle, and only 30 minutes to get to his office.Badu Village is located in the deep mountains of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, facing Guangxi province across the river. “We have high mountains, long roads and inconvenient transportation, and most of the young people in the village choose to leave home for work. I am a Party member, and I want to stay here.”Huang Jishun skilfully launched the motorcycle, ready to go out, today he will go to baise section of the bridge workshop work area.Huang Jishun, 42, is a party worker at the Badu Road bridge workshop in the Base Section of Nanning Bureau Group Company. He is also a forest firefighter in Badu Village, which has a population of 1,036, mostly of buyi ethnic group. The village only survives on more than 1,000 mu of farmland.”At 8 o ‘clock in the morning on January 24, 2022, our operation project is mainly to overhaul the Nan-Kunming Railway Badu Nanpanjiang Bridge. In the process of operation, we should pay attention to fasten safety belts and tie safety ropes on and off the bridge…”In the morning, zhai Xiang, the foreman of the work area, began to arrange tasks. Huang Jishun’s work today is responsible for painting the bridge.”It is the highest bridge in our workshop, at 105 meters, but for our children who grew up in mountains, this height is nothing.”Holding the paint, Huang Jishun laughed.In the early years, Huang Jishun, who graduated from medical college of technical secondary school, opened a rural clinic at the entrance to the village. Later, the reform of the medical system, Huang Jishun gave up the clinic and faced unemployment.Fortunately for Huang Jishun, the Baise Work Section at that time was recruiting villagers near the Nan-Kunming line as labor dispatch workers, which solved the employment problem well.”In 2013, Zhai Xiang introduced me to work at the railway. During my rest time, I raised chickens and planted trees at home to increase my family’s income. There were 15 young people in our village whom I introduced one after another.Huang jishun said.Huang jishun feels satisfied to be able to find employment at home.There are many people like Huang Jishun on the Qianli Nan-Kunming Line. Baze Works Section gives priority to local villagers in the construction along the Nan-Kunming line. In 2021 alone, 582 workers and 6105 migrant workers signed labor contracts, which also promotes the economic development of southwest China.As the day gets better, Huang jishun works harder and his family’s annual income reached more than 100,000 yuan in 2021.Hard-working Huang Jishun earned a happy life by labor, and also tried his best to ensure the safety of the railway. During the Spring Festival travel rush, he escorted the passengers with baise Workers.China Traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Zhang Xia Chan Zhou Junnan