Guizhou’s industrial investment “Attracting big and strong” 1641 excellent and strong enterprises “Entering Into Guizhou”

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The business and investment promotion work of Guizhou province was held in Guiyang, Capital of Southwest China’s Guizhou Province, On Jan 27.Data released at the meeting showed that in 2021, guizhou will introduce 1641 excellent enterprises such as Ningde Times, Xinwangda and Nippon.Among them, there are 3 in the world’s top 500, 21 in China’s Top 500, 3 in the Private top 500, and 28 leading enterprises at or above the provincial level.There were more than 7,400 major landed projects, and the investment in investment contracts increased by 21.9% over the previous year.In 2021, Guizhou will take investment attraction as an important focus on “four Innovations” and “four Modernizations”. For the first time, guizhou will implement the Three-year Action to Double The Investment of Industries in Guizhou Province (2021-2023) and the Three-year Action Plan to Build the Brand of “VIP Service” and The First-class Business Environment in China (2021-2023).We got off to a good start with the three-year action plan and the 14th Five-Year Plan.In 2021, the main leaders of the party and government of Guizhou Province, city and county will take the lead in going out to attract investment, and adhere to the principle of “attracting investment when managing industry”, 15 leading departments of the provincial government and 3 offices of the provincial government will jointly carry out more than 100 special investment promotion activities, forming a “chess game” pattern of investment promotion and business in the province.In 2021, Guizhou will carry out family investment promotion in spring and offensive investment promotion in summer and autumn. Investment promotion teams from provinces, cities and counties will “integrate Guangdong and Hong Kong, enter Sichuan and Chongqing, enter Beijing and Tianjin, and enter Northeast China”, and carry out a series of targeted investment promotion activities of “Going out and inviting In”.Major provincial investment promotion activities, such as guangdong-Guizhou East-West Cooperation Industry Conference, Zhejiang Businessmen into Guizhou to Help Guizhou High-quality Development Conference, 2021 Zhengdao (Guizhou) Innovators Annual Conference and Industry Revitalizing Guizhou Conference, and private enterprise investment promotion, have achieved remarkable results.According to the strategic deployment of east-west cooperation, Guangdong province helped Guizhou Province. Guizhou seized this opportunity and deepened its investment promotion in Guangdong, sending 484 people in two batches to carry out investment promotion in Guangdong, visiting 16,000 enterprises, inviting more than 3,500 enterprises to Investigate in Guizhou and signing 1,761 investment contracts.As a national comprehensive pilot zone for big data, Guizhou has established a big data precision investment promotion service platform, implemented smart investment promotion and smart services, effectively assessed the investment intention of enterprises and the fit between projects and Guizhou, and guided the industry chain to precise investment promotion.At the same time, the development and operation of “One code investment in Guizhou”, “online see”, “remote talk”, “cloud sign” and other ways to carry out online investment.In 2021, Guizhou will focus on optimizing the business environment and make every effort to build the brand of “VIP service”. The Regulations of Guizhou Province on Optimizing the Business Environment will come into effect on January 1, 2022.With the “three reduction and one reduction” as the means, we focused on breaking through the “five offices” (” provincial offices “, “inter-provincial offices”, “one network office”, “one window office” and “one time office”), and achieved a significant reduction in the handling of real estate registration and cross-border trade customs import and export supervision documents.The time it takes to start a business has been reduced to less than one working day, and the number of approval items for construction projects has been reduced to 68.In 2022, Guizhou will focus on the “four modernizations”, focus on leading enterprises in the industrial chain, leading enterprises and top 500 enterprises, and carry out the action of attracting the best and the strong.At the same time, with the beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Sichuan-Chongqing and other regions as the entry point of industrial transfer, focusing on key industries to complement, extend and strengthen the chain, focusing on target enterprises to carry out investment in the upstream and downstream industrial chain.Source: China News network author: Yue Wang Tao Ke first instance: Ding Liu second instance: Li Bei third instance: Wang Xingtao