Audi FAW new energy project successfully “crossed the key” and accelerated the electrification transformation of several multinational automobile companies

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After the joint venture is settled in Changchun, substantial progress will be made in audi FAW new energy vehicle project (PPE platform pure electric model).A few days ago, The reporter of China Business News learned from the official website of Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission that audi FAW new energy vehicle project has been put on record by the industrial Department of Jilin Provincial Development and Reform Commission on February 11.According to the public information of the project, the total investment of AUDI FAW new energy vehicle project is 20.93 billion yuan. The construction date is scheduled to be April 2022 and the completion date is December 2024.Audi’s FAW new energy vehicle project is an important cornerstone of Audi’s electrification strategy in China, a Volkswagen spokesman said.Audi dealers pointed out to “China Business Daily” reporters that in the ev competition “battle for position” set off by the new forces of car manufacturing, PPE platform production products for Audi brand to seize China’s new energy vehicle market is very key.Auto analyst zhang pointed out that although the audi faw new energy automobile project is scheduled for 2024, late compared with its rivals, but industry, policy outlook, or better, then “the node in the future market trends, policies are unclear, market maturity is also higher, also will be more competitive, of course, the corresponding”.Audi FAW New energy vehicle project will officially enter the investment and construction stage.The reporter learned that audi FAW new energy vehicle project, with a total investment of 20.93 billion yuan, covers a total area of 2.46 million square meters, including stamping, welding, coating, final assembly, battery assembly and other major automotive production process workshop and control center, scheduled to start in April 2022, scheduled to be completed in December 2024.After completion, three pure electric models, B+SUV E-TRON, B+SAV E-Tron and C Lim LWB E-tron, will be put into production, with a total production capacity of 150,000 units per year.The main company of the project is Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Audi FAW New Energy”), which was established in March 2021 with a registered capital of 5.267 billion YUAN.Among them, FAW Holds 40%, Audi AG 55% and Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 5%.When FaW Of China and Audi of Germany signed the Memorandum of Understanding on High-end New Energy Vehicle Cooperation Project, faW New Energy of Audi will produce pure electric models based on the PPE platform jointly developed by Audi and Porsche, and the first model will start production in 2024.The biggest feature of Audi FAW new energy vehicle factory is that it only produces PPE platform models, which is one of the very important model platforms in audi’s electrification process.PPE’s new architecture for high-end platform electric vehicles will be available for battery electric vehicles Bentley, Porsche and Audi from around 2022.Three variants are being developed, with Audi responsible for two and Porsche for one.The PPE will utilize components and technical modules from the MEB and Porsche J1, but will be optimized to accommodate larger, higher-performing luxury vehicles, particularly in terms of powertrain and suspension as well as voltage systems and battery packs.Audi dealers pointed out to reporters that PPE platform production products for Audi brand to seize China’s new energy vehicle market is very key in the ev competition “grab position” set off by the new forces of car manufacturing.The person gave the reason that although Audi launched several e-tron series electric products based on MEB pure level platform, it did not gain the upper hand in the competition with products launched by Tesla and “Wei Xiaoli” (NIO, Xiaopeng, Ideal).Unlike the COMMON platform of Volkswagen ID. Series, PPE is a platform jointly developed by Audi and Porsche. The products produced on this platform are more competitive and can strengthen audi’s position as a high-end pure electric vehicle manufacturer.However, considering the latest announced production date is December 2024, and not long ago, German media reported that due to delays in approval, Audi FAW new energy vehicle project in China’s joint production of electric vehicles is already behind the original plan, audi FAW new energy first model may be later than 2024 launch.Global electric vehicle (EV) sales will reach 6.5 million units in 2021, up 109% from 2020 and accounting for 9% of all passenger vehicle sales, according to a report by research firm Canalys.Mainland China accounted for half of global EV sales in 2021, with 3.2 million units sold and 15 percent of all new car sales.As the largest ev market in the world with the largest electrification transformation, The Chinese market has become the highland for multinational brands to seize.Global automakers plan to invest $300 billion in electric vehicles in the next five to 10 years, with nearly half of the market targeting China, foreign media reported.In the market environment where a number of new car manufacturers are constantly seizing the market share of high-end electric vehicles, Audi must accelerate the transition to electrification if it wants to strengthen its position and share in the high-end car market.”China is not only the most important market for Audi, but also the world’s most important automotive market,” said an official from Audi China.We expect China’s high-end car market to exceed 4 million units by 2030.At the same time, the share of new energy vehicles in the high-end market will also reach 40%.We will be ready for these big changes.”In August 2021, Audi released the “Vorsprung 2030” strategy to accelerate the electrification transition.Audi plans to invest 15 billion euros in the development of electric vehicles by 2025.Meanwhile, in addition to introducing only new all-electric models by 2026, Audi also plans to phase out production of internal combustion engines by 2033.In the Chinese market, Audi plans to deploy nearly 10 electric models by 2022, 5 of which are domestic;In 2023, Audi will debut the first PPE models globally, and continue to push forward the offensive of electric products in the mid-range and full-size vehicle segments.In 2024, Audi plans to join hands with FAW to produce the first PPE platform based electric vehicle.In terms of sales, Audi aims to increase sales of electric models to about one-third of its total sales in China by 2025.”2022 is likely to be an important turning point in Audi’s transition from fuel cars to full electric vehicles.”A long-time audi watcher said, “Audi’s strategic focus will definitely shift to electric vehicles in 2022, and audi will launch heavyweight pure electric vehicles such as the Audi Q4 E-Tron and e-tron GT in 2022.”It is worth mentioning that Audi’s competitors BMW and Mercedes released the news in the second half of 2021 to accelerate the transition to electric.The BMW Group will present five pure electric models in China in 2022, according to BMW officials.By the end of 2023, that number will rise to about 13.In 2025, pure electric vehicles will account for 25% of BMW Group’s sales in China.Mercedes Benz said that the enterprise strategy will shift from “electric first” to “full electric”, aiming to provide pure electric models for all market segments in 2022, and pure electric and plug-in hybrid models will account for 50% of sales in 2025, and each model will launch pure electric versions.Focusing on the Chinese market, Mercedes-Benz will launch 21 new products in 2022, including 8 pure electric and plug-in hybrid models.Mercedes, BMW and Audi are not the only three companies that have announced the acceleration of electric transformation. Reporters have noticed that in 2022, Lexus, Volvo, Cadillac and other high-end brands have announced the information of electric products.Following the end of 2021 in Toyota strategy release conference released four new electric models (including a mass production model – RZ), recently, Lexus announced two pure electric SUV official map, including RZ and Electrified SUV.Cadillac is faster than its closest competitor, Lexus, to mass-produce all-electric cars.In addition to the LYRIQ, Cadillac’s first platform-based all-electric sedan, which is due to hit the market by the middle of this year, Cadillac is expected to launch an all-electric coupe, Celestiq, sometime similar to the CT5, with an all-electric range of 644 kilometers.As multinational car companies have launched pure electric models, or as a multinational car company in China said to reporters, “the electric car market has just entered the stage of comprehensive upgrading, and the full competition will be launched in about two to three years.”Power Battery Feast: Whose carnival?Acquisition of Zotye Linyi production base?Great Wall responded: No other third party is involved