Tianjin takes multiple measures to guarantee “rice bag” and “vegetable basket”

2022-07-26 0 By

The reporter recently learned from the Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau that many financial institutions in the city are closely watching the key nodes of spring ploughing preparation, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, providing high-quality financial services for the production of “rice bags,” “vegetable basket” escort.By the end of February, banks in the city had lent more than 3 billion yuan for spring farming.It is reported that the city combined with the new situation, new characteristics and new needs of spring ploughing preparation in agricultural areas, held a symposium on financial support measures for some key banks in a timely manner, guided a number of banks around agricultural production and supply, farmland facilities construction, agricultural scale operation and other key areas, to further increase credit.Tianjin Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau and Tianjin Agricultural Committee actively guide The Municipal Agricultural bear Company to strengthen the connection with banks and smooth the credit service channels.According to agricultural demand, many banks have innovated and developed products such as “spring ploughing loan”, “agricultural production trusted-loan” and “greenhouse loan” to meet agricultural production demand at multiple levels.Agricultural Bank of China Tianjin Branch formulated the action plan of spring ploughing preparation.Tianjin agricultural commercial bank held financial support spring ploughing preparation work meeting, advance arrangements for agricultural funds supply.At the same time, the municipality actively supports insurance institutions to strengthen the application of information technology, and encourages insurance institutions to confirm underwriting matters through wechat, telephone and other online means, and realize intelligent survey and rapid loss settlement with the help of remote sensing and other technical means, so as to ensure the underwriting and claim settlement of major agricultural products during the epidemic.Insurance institutions help farmers improve their ability to resist natural disasters by means of disaster prevention publicity, disaster prevention training, harmless treatment and disaster prevention facilities construction.In the face of extreme weather, a number of insurance institutions took the initiative to provide early warning information to farmers through SMS, wechat and telephone before disasters occurred, reminding them to take measures to reinforce windbreaks and increase temperature in advance.Some insurance institutions also donated money to improve agricultural irrigation facilities in Jizhou District, and made solving the problem of water source the top priority of disaster prevention and loss reduction in agricultural insurance.