Something inside the ship?Destroyer 05 Interior Experience

2022-07-26 0 By

Before the Guangzhou auto show, Hao Ge has been the first to explore the byd destroyer 05 appearance design, this time to zhuhai Haiquan Bay, in order to see this destroyer 05 interior design.First, let’s review the basic information of destroyer 05. According to the manufacturer’s information, its price will be between 120,000-150,000 yuan. The power system will adopt DM-I super hybrid system.It is worth mentioning that the version with a range of 120KM shot this time supports dc fast charging interface, which is a great breakthrough in function for plug-in and hybrid models.Into the car, to haoge’s first feeling, is that its interior design will be more personality than the appearance of some, the design of the whole control is very simple.The screen size is larger than that of previous BYD models at the same price. Previously, we have been hoping that BYD’s LCD meters can be larger, so this destroyer 05 uses a large screen.At the same time, the central control also uses a large screen, the screen proportion is also very high, the black edge area outside the screen area is very small, indicating that the material grade of the screen is relatively high.Interior color scheme, destroyer 05 currently has only one color scheme, but this scheme contains four different colors, each of which is very beautiful, so it can be said that one color scheme can meet the needs of most consumers.The front seat is very special, and it has an all-in-one seat. The difficulty with this type of seat is whether the headrest has a forward-leaning design or not. If not, the headrest will be in a poor position.