Peace Spring Festival transport | fast check!Shantou traffic police for you to prepare the “Spring Festival holiday travel guide” has been sent

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The 2022 Spring Festival holiday will last from Jan 31 to Feb 6, a total of seven days.During the Spring Festival, the highway small bus implementation of free passage policy, the masses to visit relatives, domestic tourism travel more, the city’s traffic flow is expected to increase in the main sections of highway, national and provincial roads, tourist attractions, commercial complex around the road, please pay attention to detour, avoid easy to block sections.It is expected that this year’s Spring Festival holiday flow peak mainly concentrated on January 30 (the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month), February 5 (the fifth day of the first month) and 6 (the sixth day of the first month), then some of the main expressways in our province may appear short delay phenomenon.During the festival, the city will be rainy, cloudy weather, and the temperature is low.Please pay close attention to the weather when traveling, pay attention to keep warm, and do the corresponding protective measures.Make reasonable arrangements for time and route before travel. Be sure to drive carefully when traveling. Pay attention to “deceleration, control distance and bright tail” when driving on rainy days.The epidemic is not far away, so we must not relax our efforts in prevention and control.Please avoid unnecessary trips, wear masks when going out, avoid crowded places, and try to travel off peak.As the COVID-19 epidemic has not completely subsided, it is expected that people will mainly travel within the province and within the city for short and medium trips, mainly to and from tourist attractions, suburban areas, rural ecological tourism areas and other areas.At that time, the city expressway confluence section, toll station section is easy to form bottlenecks, congestion slow;Traffic on the Nanao Bridge, Bay Bridge and Kakhi Bridge will increase.Scenic spots such as Small park, Zhongshan Park, east Coast, nanao Island Ecological Zone, Kakhi and other main scenic spots in the central city, while suning Plaza, Mixc, Dongsha 100, Wanda Plaza, Hesheng Department Store Plaza and other business areas are crowded with traffic, and the surrounding roads may be congested.The traffic police department urged the general public to alternate the peak of travel as much as possible, choose to take buses and other public transportation to visit these places, to avoid congestion and delay the journey.1. Check the technical condition of the vehicle before travel, plan the travel route reasonably, try to travel at the wrong time and at the wrong peak, and keep in mind the three safety treasures of “speed reduction, distance control and bright tail”.2, civilized driving, drive carefully, keep a safe distance, overspeed, fatigue driving is strictly prohibited;Illegal parking at will;In case of congestion, queue up to pass, obey the command of the traffic police, do not plug, do not fight for the road.Illegal occupation of the emergency lane is strictly prohibited.Please do not be distracted in the process of driving to make phone calls, send text messages, so as not to cause accidents due to distraction.3, take passenger vehicles to travel, to choose the regular operation of the bus, do not take private sources of passengers, illegal operation of the “black car”.Cherish life, consciously resist drunk driving, overmanned manned.5. Keep in mind that “safety belt” is “life belt”. The front and rear drivers and passengers should fasten their safety belts before driving.6, such as a minor accident, no casualties, should be taken immediately after the evacuation of the scene, drive to the road outside the open place to negotiate their own processing or alarm waiting for traffic police processing, in order to prevent traffic congestion or cause two accidents, so that the car pull over (emergency lane), evacuation, that is, the alarm.Ping an Jun warm tips Spring Festival seven-day holiday, traffic safety does not have a holiday!Please the majority of traffic participants travel consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, Shantou traffic police will strengthen traffic control, increase the investigation and punishment of all kinds of traffic violations, build a solid line of traffic safety, so that the people really feel “visible peace, tangible happiness”.