No disappointment already despair without anger already heart as dead ash Chinese football still have to save

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On February 1, that is, the Chinese lunar New Year the first day night, the first lunar month qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 Asia group round 8, 12 strong matches at Vietnam enough Chinese men to 1:3 loss, two rounds of elimination, completely lose qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, not even the theory of chance.Before the Chinese men’s football team and Vietnam men’s football team in the international A level competition 10 times, The Chinese men’s football team won all 10 battles, in the eyes of all fans, Vietnam team is no problem has been the underdog troops.Before the game, Chinese men’s football team also vowed to use a victory for the national fans and send a happy New Year.The final result was a 3-1 loss to Vietnam, Vietnam’s third goal is the world wave level, The Chinese men’s football team lost by no injustice.Many fans criticized Li Xiaopeng for his poor command. In fact, for a team project, the role of coach is relatively small, and the overall strength of the team is the key.Each player’s technical and tactical level constitutes a team level, if the individual level of the players is not good, then the team’s overall level is certainly not good, the team’s overall level is not good, who when the head coach is useless.We’ve been calling for the dismissal of Zeng Xuelin, the head coach of the Chinese national team, since 1985 in Black 519, when China was on its way out of Asia and into the World Cup with a draw against Hong Kong, only to lose 1-0.”May 19 was a nightmare for me,” Zeng recalled in an interview.Made two mistakes after qualifying with a draw against Hong Kong.The pre-match preparation meeting, the leadership meeting will set the tone, even dishonorable, to win but also win more than two.The players were in a hurry. They shot 28 to 6, but lost.It was the hardest lesson of my life and I never coached again.”In the 1989 World Cup qualifiers, China men’s National football Team ranked first in the group and advanced to the semi-finals, but suffered two “black three minutes” in Singapore.In the second round against the United Arab Emirates and the fifth round against Qatar, he scored 1-0 with 87 minutes left, allowing two points in his hand (two points for a win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss) to be won 2-1.If China had faced only one, it would have qualified for the 1990 World Cup in Italy.So Gao Fengwen was dismissed.In 1993, Germany’s Schlapner and China failed to advance after losing 1-0 to Yemen and Iraq in the first stage of Group 1 of Asian World Cup qualifying.Schlapner was dismissed.In the 1997 World Cup in France, The Chinese team, which had a chance of qualifying for the World Cup by beating Saudi Arabia, committed suicide by claiming a draw and a dignified end to the top 10 tournament.Hence Qi Wusheng was called class dismissed.In the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, the powerful Japanese and Korean teams as hosts automatically qualified for the finals, and the Chinese football Team finally entered the World Cup.But he swallowed nine duck eggs without scoring a single goal.Magic coach rice lu was called class.After the Chinese men’s football team thoroughly into the worst moment, there is no worst, only worse.Until today’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam, when the other team was leading 3-0.We shouted the head coach to dismiss, Shouting for more than 30 years, the level of Chinese football team from the first class in Asia to the third class in Asia now.Now they lost 3-1 to Vietnam and are going to be the 4th best team in Asia. Vietnam is basically the bottom team in Asia.What Chinese football lacks is a hierarchical, planned and long-term talent training system, which no one is willing to do.After the game, Fan Zhiyi said on his microblog: “Football has no borders, but football needs a sense of ritual, cohesion and inheritance.The bigger question now is whether we can restore the heritage of football and allow others to walk on our shoulders.If through our youth work, there is a group of children can know how to treat people, know how to observe the changing situation on the pitch, know how to make more rational decision under pressure, even more reasonable about winning or losing, just know how to let them know that is the goal, winning to accept and process to enjoy, the meaning of that football is enough.If we these people put their position is not right, that Chinese football really no play;Only when we start from a small environment and make changes, can Chinese football get back on track.The most important thing is that Chinese football can no longer be divided into you, me and him.Can Chinese football be saved?There is no help!If we don’t do A solid job in the systematic training of young talents, and if we don’t punish the A-LEAGUE with severe punishment and severe law, Chinese football is really hopeless.For more highlights, follow the full moon river Flow 2012# World Preliminary match China lost 1-3 Vietnam #