“Loving mother” Li Lijuan: 118 orphans adopted with kindness, but behind the angel is a devil

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In 2006, a thin woman appeared in hebei people’s sight. Her name was Li Lijuan. She was the loving mother of 118 orphans and disabled children and one of the ten people who moved Hebei that year.In order to feed these children, she sold her villa and built a “village of love” next to her mine. She single-handedly raised countless homeless children.As soon as the TV show came out, millions of viewers shed tears – it is extremely difficult for a thin little woman to take care of one child, let alone 118 others, how much love can support her ten years of perseverance?However, more than a decade after the end of the selection, the woman named Li Lijuan once again appeared in the public eye, but this time the identity is no longer moved by the public love mother, on the contrary, is the use of adopted children committed several crimes hidden demons.What the hell is going on here?Why can a person exist before and after such contrast?Li Lijuan, also known as Li Yanxia, is a native of Shangquan Village, Wu ‘an city, Hebei Province. When she was young, she had made great achievements.She became an early millionaire in the 1970s and 1980s through hard work and a flair for business.Millions are not a small number for most people even today, let alone decades ago.However, the husband of Li Lijuan is by war rich in the home, squander everywhere, one still contracted du addiction carelessly.It is also such a bad hobby, the husband will be more than 3 million in the home all failed light, li Lijuan all pay in vain.Under anger, Li Lijuan divorced with her, and her son was sentenced to her husband at that time.But sucking DU is like a deep pit, once you fall into it, you can’t get up.For money Li Lijuan ex-husband sold his son to a human trafficker with the price of 7000 yuan, fortunately Li Lijuan was informed that the news is more timely, the human trafficker holding the child was blocked in the railway station, and spent 8000 pieces to redeem.It was this encounter that made Li Lijuan feel the plight of homeless children.In 1996, she adopted her first child, and in the years that followed, more and more children were adopted, eventually reaching a staggering 118.She founded a village of love with her children, bought a house in 2011, and was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.This is Li Lijuan in the public view.The villagers near Love village called her “riffraff”, and many people also regarded love village as a forbidden place.Li Lijuan is not only the so-called 118 children love mother, or use the children collect money village bully.Her mine, not from their own struggle, but she took a number of children into the mine, pulling the banner to protect the children, threatening the mine owner to sell her the mine at a low price.To build this loving village, she still commandeer the ground that occupied local villager 50 many acres, depend on day to have a meal many farmers find Li Lijuan to make trouble, she is the bully that united place will make trouble person dozen not light.In addition to being mean to local people, she would also go to block the construction of larger projects and make a fortune.Gree once invested 100 billion yuan in the construction of the Central Plains Intelligent equipment basic parts industrial base, but Li Lijuan with a large number of people blocked the start of the base, requiring the base to give her the right to explore the land.The local government couldn’t help it.They tried to register the children’s fingerprints and DNA so they could find their families and send them home in the future, but Li kept turning them away.That’s fine. She applies for 90 social security benefits for her children, more than 30 disability benefits, and a quarterly allowance for food and water.Heating, student subsidies are all in her hands.In 2018, the police went into aixin Village to investigate and collect evidence, only to find that Li lijuan had no qualifications to adopt abandoned babies and orphaned children, was not under the supervision of the civil affairs department, and had not paid any taxes.She received 128,000 yuan in medical assistance subsidies in 2016 and more than 1.27 million yuan in 2017.And in the police resettlement of love village children, many villagers are revealed to the police Li Lijuan adopted many are not orphans, there are many relatives of the child.And rely on the children crazy money, under the banner of protecting children fish village, Li Lijuan was found to imitate the hospital diagnosis certificate special seal and other unit seal 8, 45 bank accounts, the amount of the card contains about 20.26 million yuan, 25,500 U.S. dollars.In addition, she kept a large amount of cash in her home, including 1.13 million yuan ($34,000).All this money comes from the government taking money from taxpayers to improve the lives of poor people. All this money comes from the generosity of caring people to save their living expenses. All this money comes from the hope of countless villagers to improve their lives and the helplessness of countless projects to stop work.She obstructed the construction of a construction project and appropriated other people’s land.According to article 290 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the crime of gathering a crowd to disturb social order refers to the behavior of gathering a crowd to disturb social order, so serious that work, production, business, teaching and scientific research cannot be carried out and serious losses are caused.As the ringleader of this crime, Li Lijuan can be sentenced to imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years.The 16 rioters arrested together with him are also identified as gang-related elements, and their active participation in the rioting organized by Li Lijuan will also be sentenced to imprisonment of up to three years, detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights.On July 24, 2019, the court of first instance sentenced Li Lijuan to 20 years in prison and five years of deprivation of political rights for several crimes, including gathering a crowd to disturb social order, forging the seals of companies, enterprises and public institutions, extortion, fraud, duty encroachment, intentional injury and harbouring.Li Lijuan refused to appeal, the second trial thought the first trial judgment was reasonable, maintain the original judgment.Finally, “adopted” in Li Lijuan love village 118 children, the police duel will be its information input trafficking, missing children information system, also hope that through this, they can return to their parents as soon as possible, and family reunion.