Lovely baby text: “little thing, where is your mommy” small steamed stuffed bun provocation a smile “old thing, good attitude!”

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# fiction # Today xiaobian recommend to everyone is lovely baby text: “little thing, where is your mommy” small steamed stuffed bun provocation smile “old thing, good attitude!””Lovely baby peerless: president daddy darling surrender” novel introduction: “little thing, where is your mommy” small steamed stuffed bun provocation a smile “old thing, good attitude point!”Six years ago, the cold-blooded Nicholas Chou threw Lin Wenqing into the sea to feed the sharks.After 6 years, Lin Wenqing nirvana returns, lovely baby assists, play dead president Boss does not pay life.”Mommy, Daddy is having an affair with the actress again.””Get the washboard ready.””Yes, and a durian.”A president returns: “is not a date to go?””Misunderstanding, in addition to you MY eyes no one else.”Wonderful content: Zhou Tingchen pushed away, he did not guard against her suddenly with so much strength to push him.When he was pushed open, she quickly ran away from the door and took a wide position.She was too afraid of what he would do to her.Her heart was racing, her breath was unsteady, and she fought to keep calm.She looked at Nicholas as if he were a demon.Six years before, he had never been that way with her. He was busy between the sheets, never estimating how she felt.And now he’s hitting on her!Is he because she’s got that big boss behind her now?This guy’s too powerful, so he wants to curry favor with her in exchange for his company’s long-term security?Thinking so, Lin Wenqing to Nicholas and more disdain a point, at the same time just by his bewitched not calm down.She calmly looked at Zhou Tingchen said: “You are investigating me?”Nicholas was a little chagrined by her escape, he would have liked to tease her for a while, he liked to see her powerless against him.But he calmed down and said frankly to Lin wenqing, “Yes.I’m looking into you.””What qualifications do you have?How can you do that?!”Lin Wenqing was anxious all of a sudden, eyes full of flames.Zhou Tingchen looked at her slightly frowning, he does not like her this jumping appearance, but he felt that she did not have a taste, so do not care.He said, “You were my wife and you were taken away from me for six years. I think it’s normal to look into your life for those six years.”One night abandoned woman: president daddy please refuel” novel introduction: a car accident destroyed Li Yun, but she can not hate the Ou Kevin that frames him in prison however.Before prison: Li Yun love Europe Kevin love of die, Europe Kevin unmoved.After being released from prison: Li Yun no longer loves Ou Kevin, Ou Kevin is anxious to die.Li Yun fled, Ou Kevin crazy all over the world to find her.Goodbye Li Yun, Li Yun side more than a person.Ou Kaiwen says: Li Yun, love me again.Wonderful content: “I play ball, you don’t in the side of the long winded rory, ok?”Rich girl impatiently said.”I am your coach and it is my duty to inform you of the danger of the ball.If you continue to play in your position, you can easily sprain yourself.””Who do you think you are, a coach?You didn’t know where it was when I played.Go away and don’t stop me from playing.”‘I’m looking out for your own good, miss. We’re responsible if anything happens to you.Will you please do as I say?””If you bother me again, I’ll complain.””What’s the matter?Then the general manager of the golf course arrived.”Xiao Li, what’s the matter?How did you make the customer unhappy?””President, it’s the lady’s pose…”Li Yun wants to explain.”You are the president, right? This coach is too boring, I want to change, change not boring.””Said the rich girl.”Miss Zhang, Xiao Li is one of the best coaches here. Her skills are perfect.I will teach you well.”Said the general manager of the golf course.”No, I don’t want annoying essence to be my coach, you don’t change I will quit.””This……All right, Xiao Li, come with me.”The general manager of golf course had to take Li Yun to leave.”No, Mr. President, she’s in a really dangerous position. If she continues to use it, she’s going to sprain herself.”Li Yun explained while walking.”I know. I saw it just now.But now customers are ancestors, we can not afford to provoke.”Pet wife: president daddy has packed” novel introduction: Ye Annian stripped power at one fell swoop the emperor less fear.The small steamed stuffed bun a face serious: quick!Ye annian self-examination: really not, hardware is not allowed!Steamed stuffed bun: Cucumber for you!You’re a genius, you’re a genius, you take care of your mom, you accidentally lose our baba, take that!Interesting content: Also have to watch out for their own son, battle of wits all day long.The most terrible is that the people in the hejia manor actually eerily feel that she and Heshuo chi are very in love!For example, because she slept the night before not too comfortable, resulting in a little pain in the back, the aunt in the kitchen will see her smile is particularly meaningful, but also specially cooked medlar porridge, let her send to Heshuo Chi!For example, she accidentally broke a bonsai he Shuo chi’s most precious, can not have to consult the gardener at home what way to repair.The gardener uncle looked at her eyes full of love, also said what young grandmother is really dedicated to the young master!Ye Annian realized the seriousness of the problem, and then certainly not, he is a celebrity, the focus of media attention, if a accidentally let the outside world exposed her and Xuan Xuan existence, is bound to cause the attention of evil yuan, when she and Xuan Xuan is dangerous.These days in the Home delicious drink, and Lin Shaobai that seems to be unreliable but also very good doctor, her injury has long been raised.Ye Annian thinking before the place must not continue to live, let alone with xuan Xuan a greeting did not play out for so long, must have been swept out of the landlord, just think of evil yuan appeared in the vicinity, Ye Annian felt very fluked, for xuan Xuan’s safety, she can not be careless.Calculate the time, the results of paternity test should come out immediately, Ye Annian to find a good foothold before being swept out of the house, so when to leave the Home, he and Xuan Xuan will not be on the streets.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.