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Shenzhen and Shanghai stock markets on January 26, the three major a-share indexes closed up, the Shanghai Composite index rose 0.66%, at 3455.67 points;The Shenzhen component index gained 0.7% to 13,780.3;The CHINext index rose 0.99 percent to 3004.41 points, with nBI net buying 1.139 billion yuan throughout the day.On the disk, the industry plate up less, wind power equipment plate up, engineering construction, securities, chemical products, power grid equipment and other plates up the top.Among the wind equipment sector, DAIjin Heavy Industry rose by the daily limit, Hailee Wind up 9.71%, Tianeng Heavy Up 6.92%, Zhenjiang shares up 6.78%, Hewang Power up 6.76%;Engineering construction plate, palm shares, Shandong Luqiao trading limit, Daqian Ecology up 8.22%, China Industrial International up 6.25%, Ningbo Construction up 6.16%.In addition, tourism hotels, medical services, airports, chemical pharmaceutical and other plates fell in the top, the tourism hotel plate, Yunnan tourism, Jinling Hotel limit, Xi ‘an cuisine down 7.37%, Huatian Hotel down 6.38%, Xi ‘an tourism down 5.38%;In the health services sector, Pharmaron fell 8.05%, Tiger Pharmaceuticals fell 6.06%, wuxi Apptec fell 5% and Kelleon fell 4.43%.On January 26, the north Stock Exchange trading heat than the previous day to pick up, Longzhu Technology up 11.2%, Hujiang Materials up 5.25%, Yingtai Biological up 3.18%, Guangdaogaoxin up 2.99%, Sanyou technology up 2.23%, Suxian shares up 2.21%, China Aviation Teda up 2.12%,Weibo hydraulic, tongli Shares, Han Xin technology and other eight stocks rose more than 1%.In addition, Sen Xuan Pharmaceutical fell 8.61%, Digital People fell 6.03%, Gaishi Food fell 5.54%, Northland fell 5.01%, Tongyi Aerospace fell 3.78%, Star Technology fell 2.5%, Cloud Data fell 2.36%, And Zhisheng Information fell 2.21%.Hong Kong, China, January 26, Hong Kong stocks opened higher volatility, by the close, the Hang Seng index rose 0.19% to 24,289.9 points;The Hang Seng Technology index gained 0.8 per cent to 5, 597.03.On the board, the coal plate rose the most, Huili Resources up 28.33%, Silk Road Energy up 8.7%, Feishang anthracite up 3.81%;The industrial engineering sector was active, with Salomon Global up 18.23%, Huazhang Technology up 13.56%, Capital Machinery up 12.92%, Jianbao International up 11.24% and Dayang Group up 9.45%.In addition, the support services sector was the biggest decliner, China Education Holdings fell 33.4%, Yuhua Education 15.15%, Minsheng Education 12.36%, Neusu Education 12.2%, New Higher Education Group 10.07%;Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology were among the weaker performers, with Suntec International holdings down 10.78%, wuxi Wuxi Down 10.24%, TigerPharma down 9.79%, Marmaron down 9.63% and Cinda Bio-science down 9.54%.Among notable stocks, NetEase rose 4.26%, China Unicom rose 3.21%, HSBC holdings rose 2.96%, Ping An gained 2.27%, China Mobile rose 2.1%, Li Ning lost 3.77%, Concino Bio lost 3.24%, Haidilao lost 2.87% and New Oriental Online lost 2.74%.1. Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry (002378) : It is estimated that the net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company in 2021 will be 150-190 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 303.49%-411.08%.Take stock: 2021 tungsten prices saw two waves of acceleration in June and the fourth quarter.The increase in the volume and price of the main products is an important reason for the loss of zhangyuan tungsten industry performance, the market needs to continue to pay attention to the trend of tungsten price.With the gradual control of the epidemic, the global economy and downstream demand will recover, and it is expected that the price center of Tungsten products in China will continue to rise in 2022.2. Hanrui Cobalt (300618) : It is expected to achieve a net profit of 600-700 million yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 79.37%-109.27%.Inventory: Hanrui Cobalt industry is also a small metal track, the product volume and price increase led to the performance growth, in line with market expectations.Dongxing Securities believes that the supply shortage in 2021 is the driving force for the rise of cobalt prices. The growth rate of global cobalt supply increases from 2022 to 2023, but the expansion pace is orderly, and the current tight balance may be continued in 2022.This means that under the background of low inventory of industrial chain, cobalt price may remain high and volatile.3. Enjie Stock (002812) : The company launched an equity incentive plan, and the assessment target is “based on 2021, the operating revenue growth from 2022 to 2024 shall be no less than 150%, 180% and 210% respectively.”Stock count: Enjie Is the leader of wet diaphragm industry. In recent months, it has signed a number of diaphragm warranty agreements, including Ningde Times: no more than 5.178 billion yuan in 2022, advance payment of 850 million yuan;Overseas large auto company: over 1.65 billion yuan in total from 2022 to 2024;Csia: no more than 2.5 billion YUAN in 2022, advance payment of 100 million yuan, etc.The amount of battery diaphragm supply booked by ningde times is close to the company’s revenue in the first three quarters of 2021, and Ningde times has locked the diaphragm supply of Enjie shares for five years. If the company operates normally, it is not difficult to achieve the performance assessment index.4. Dongyue Silicon Material (300821) : It is expected to achieve net profit of 1.013 billion yuan to 1.289 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 260.72% to 359.1%.Inventory: The company’s performance in 2021 increased mainly benefited from the high prosperity of silicone.The price of organosilicon once soared to more than 60,000 yuan/ton in 2021, hitting a ten-year high.In the medium term, silicone DMC (dimethylsiloxane mixed ring) is expected to see a rebound in 2022 under the influence of dual energy consumption control policies.With the continuous expansion of downstream application fields, the long-term market space of silicone DMC is expected to expand.But a 2021-style spike is less likely.5. Shanxi Fenjiu (600809) : It is expected to realize the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 5.234 billion yuan to 5.542 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 70%-80%.Inventory: Shanxi Fenjiu belongs to the secondary high-end liquor.East Asia Qianhai Securities believes that the upgrading of sub-high-end liquor products and the national expansion will continue, the price of high-end liquor opened the price space, demand pick up superposition price expectations or will promote the solid foundation of sub-high-end liquor enterprises volume and price rise together.6. Yiwei Lithium Energy (300014) : It is expected to achieve net profit of 2.726 billion yuan to 3.056 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 65%-85%.Inventory: In recent years, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have seen explosive growth.Data from China Automobile Association shows that in 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles will reach 3.521 million units, an increase of 1.6 times year-on-year. Driven by the high growth in the production and sales of new energy vehicles, the production and sales of power batteries in China will increase substantially in 2021.This is also an important reason for the growth of Yiwei Lithium performance.However, in 2021, the power battery industry has opened a new round of “expansion tide”, including BYD, Ningde Times, China Aviation Lithium, Guoxun High-tech and other power battery giants have announced that they will expand production capacity in the future.The market is expected to expand the production of the project, the domestic power battery will face overcapacity.7. Tianbang Shares (002124) : It is expected that in 2021, the mother’s net profit will lose 3.5 billion yuan to 4 billion yuan, with a year-on-year loss and a profit of 3.24 billion yuan in the same period of last year.Inventory: 2021 pig cycle down, the general performance of listed pig enterprises declined.Recently, Wen’s shares disclosed 2021 performance forecast, is expected to lose 13 billion yuan – 13.8 billion yuan;Mukihara is expected to achieve a net profit of 6.5 billion yuan to 8 billion yuan in 2021, down 70.86% to 76.32% compared with 27.451 billion yuan in 2020.The pig industry has yet to show significant signs of recovery.8. Dongfang Risheng (300118) : It is expected to suffer a net profit loss of 35 million to 52.5 million yuan in 2021, with a profit of 165 million yuan in the same period last year.Inventory: Since March 2021, the price of silicon material has risen repeatedly, and the price of compact material has risen from 83,000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the year to 230,000 yuan/ton on December 29, an increase of 177%.Silicon wafer prices rose 54 percent, compared with 13 percent for cells and components, eroding margins for downstream components.This is an important reason for the loss of eastern Sunrise performance.Zheshang Securities believes that silicon supply is expected to maintain a tight balance in 2022;The concentration of components continues to increase. The integration leader has multiple advantages of production capacity, brand and channel, and may enjoy a profit premium combined with battery technology change.There are risks in the stock market and investors should be cautious when entering the market