If shandong unified test, will test jinan Qingdao key junior high school teaching quality in the end

2022-07-26 0 By

The national education department has just come up with a new approach, which will unify the whole province by 2024.It also means that by 2024, every province in China will have one exam paper for each province.After hearing this news, many netizens suggested that the significance of the province’s unified examination paper is not great, it is best to unify a national college entrance examination paper.Of course, the difficulty of unifying a national college entrance examination paper is estimated to be very big, can only come step by step.As shandong people, we pay more attention to our Shandong high school entrance examination, Shandong to 2024 province unified high school entrance examination paper, will bring what impact on shandong junior high school education?Before the Shandong examination, is a city out of a paper, for example, Jinan out of jinan’s paper, Qingdao out of Qingdao’s paper, Yantai out of Yantai’s paper, Weifang out of Weifang’s paper.So, by 2024, according to the requirements, each city is no longer out of the exam paper, but by Shandong province for 16 cities, unified out of a exam paper.That is to say, when the whole shandong examinee will face the same paper, a ruler to measure the learning level in the end how.We think it will be a good test of how well the so-called key junior high schools in Jinan and Qingdao are doing.It is believed that parents in Jinan and Qingdao will have a better understanding of their children’s learning level in the whole province.For example, the key junior high schools in Jinan, such as Yuying, High School attached to Shandong University, Jiaxuan, Yanshan and Dianliu, etc.Qingdao key junior high school, like Qingdao experimental junior high school, Qingdao 2 experimental, Qingdao 26 middle school, Qingdao affiliated middle school and so on.These key junior middle school is in respective city, belong to all the stars hold their praises, but take an examination of the province to see, can appear, the examination result is not equal to the situation of junior middle school in a county?It is entirely possible to appear, to know that when the college entrance examination, jinan and Qingdao’s so-called key high schools, is basically unable to take the examination of many county high schools.Most likely, the gap has existed since middle school.Although it is said that education cannot be completely dependent on grades, it is absolutely impossible to do without grades.All in all, no matter how good the conditions of key junior middle schools in big cities are, the key is to let the children get better grades, which is very important.